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Should i travel the world at 18 and experience different cultures?

Im 16 at the moment(17 in 2 weeks) and studying a media course at college. Ive been to various countries such as Australia and India and would like to have the oppourtunity to visit these kinds of places again. I plan to finish my course by which time i will be 18. I really want to experience different cultures and meet new people around the world, before its too late. I need your opinion on whether i should wait until im a bit older or should just go for it? And i have a part time job too which pays quite good so money is not a big issue.


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    It's a big undertaking but the experience is likely to stand you in good stead. Just be very careful where you go and what you get up to while you are there.

    Don't miss out on Scotland!

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    Hi Alex hon :o) I personally would say... GO FOR IT!! I never had that opportunity at 18, and so wish that I had! It would be brilliant for you (if you say that money is not a big issue). You can always find some temporary jobs when you are away to add to to your spends :o) xx There is a huge big world out there, and I think that it would be brill for you at such a young age to experience it all before you make any serious decisions about your life and where it is going! Im all for it - but what ever you decide, just think about it thoroughly and weigh up the pros and cons before you make a firm decision! xx Hope this helps anyway: good luck on whatever you decide to do!! xxx

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    Hi, I did a bit of travelling myself when i turned 18. Went to Africa and spent a year visiting different communities and getting to learn about their cultures. I booked my accomodation and flights through a company called Madukha tours and safaris, who were brilliant when it came to organising the whole trip from start to finish. Definately a good idea to get in touch with them or any other companies online before setting off for your trip as there are many things you need to take into consideration e.g visa requirements. Madukha's website is

    good luck!

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    your decision

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