Who uses a number like 0000000000?

I have Caller display on my BT line. From time to time I get a junk/silent call where the number shows as 00000000000, which also is repeated bt BT's 1471 service. Does anyone know where/who originates these?

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    Hmm, an odd one my guess is that it will be a call centre running on ISDN30 of some description.

    They have the option to withhold CLIP (calling line ID Presentation) or replace it with CLIR -(Calling Line ID Restriction).

    These are part of the H232 and SS7 Single protocols. - In essence it allows a call centre to send a different CLID than the "true" underling number. For example it maybe an 0800 number.

    As to why they would set it to "000000" is odd but it will most likely be to get around customer with choose to refuse - a service that blocks calls with no CLID.

    Hope this helps in some way?

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  • ifilmu
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    who ever is calling has that number preprogramedinto there line so they can call peole and if you have caller id the number can't be reconginzed for acall back, the way to get aruond this, is if you sign up for Privacy Manager with your phone company Privacy Managerwillblock and and all number not coming in as an idetifiable number, number name ect, the downside tothis si if you havefriends or relatives call they do not have caller id where they live the number will come is as outof area ect and Privacy Mananger will block that as wel, great ssErvicebutit has a few flaws in it

  • jamand
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    These are computer generated dialling machines - they are set up to randomly dial numbers - when you pick up the receiver there will be silence until an operator is available to take the call.

    Basiclly it is just a way of speed dialling as many numbers as possible - that is why you are normally met with silence - as the operators are all busy getting abuse from the people they call - which is what I do - I tell them to Fook Off

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  • Ivor
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    This is a cold call scam, they are trying to gain access to your computer to get information. They will say your computer has a virus. Do not give them any information.

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    1 0000000000

  • Anonymous
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    Could be from a fax someone has the wrong number looks like bit transfer info

  • Anonymous
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    that's Joe the stuttering Operator

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    I get these as well. The person dialling must be very busy.

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    Thats the balance of my bank account.

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