Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real?

I had this dream about my first love! We just cuddled and kissed, but it seemed so real I would have swore that we would wake up next to each other! LOL!!!

If you have had this happen then let me know what the dream was and if you liked it....THANKS!

And what do you think this means, I looked it up and it basically said that it is about a current relationshipe, but I have been talking to my ex again here recently and he thinks that we could give it another shot, and he was my first love so I really want too! I don't know what to do!

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    1 decade ago
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    Yh, i once dreamt that i feel from a building :S and then had a falling sensation as i woke up and it felt really weird because i couldn't actually move my legs. Freaked me out a bit

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    I've had too many dremas that felt too real. All in all, they are real..it's our subconscience on overdrive. It sounds as if you are thinking of trying it again with your ex and the conversations and emotions are lingering in your dreams. I don't want to tell you my dreamz they might freak you out, LOL. They freaked me out because they were sooo real!! They were nightmares about a few things. I'll tell you this much, one of them involved water and when I woke up my facing was soaking wet!!! I was going through an extremely stressful time in my life and my oldest son's life and the nightmares jsut kept coming until I started to see the light of day again. Then my dreamz lightened up considerably.

    Good luck with your boyfriend.

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    Yes, I have had dreams so real! Long ago before I was married to my now husband I had dreams of him NOT being the one at the alter......there was a man with no face standing there and my husband was watching from afar. He thought that I should have someone better than he thought he was for me...........but I did not think so (that there was anyone better for me!) so I had that dream several times. They ended when we did walk down the isle.......32 years ago! So, as far as YOU are not knowing what to do????? It sounds tome that you should at least do the dating thing and get to know him again! Who knows; sounds good for a try.

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    yep when I liked this girl and figured out that shes not longer available. and then I went to sleep and all of a sudden I had a dark dream where I was in hell etc.. its kinda personal and sounds like it needs therapy but don't worry i was fine when I got over here ;)

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    yes,i def. kno what u mean.I've had a dream that felt real too about a guy.

    I was making out with this guy in hot topic who i thought was really good looking.It felt so real and when i woke up i was so disappointed lol

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    I've had very realistic dreams before. It's normal. Enjoy it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Every dream feels real...

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