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Is flying really safer than driving (read details)?

The reasoning behind this is that more people die in car accidents than in plane crashes, but for this to be truly accurate, there would have to be as many people flying as there are people on the roads. I'm quite sure that at any given time, there are many, many more people in cars than in planes. I'll be flying for the first time in August, and I'm very nervous about it...

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    Take it from me, I am a flyer (pilot). I feel that flying is much safer. Yes there are far more cars on the road, which increases your chances of an auto accident. Flying has gotten safer and tighter rules are in place.

    You never know what is behind the wheel of a vehicle. DUI, someone on meds? People not wearing glasses that should be, or folks that should have never gotten a Drivers License in the first place.

    You will not see that in the air. Safe, reliable pilots, and the Aircraft is mechanically safe. Of course one small incident in the air, and the media is ready to pounce on it. An incident on the roadways? Who cares....where is the media? They can't cover every mishap.

    First time flying...relax, do not worry, get you some gum. Enjoy the scenery out of the window, get pics of the big balls of cotton. Read your favorite book or mag.

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    Statistics are based on passenger miles traveled, and air travel is far safer than any other mode of transportation.

    If you're worried, take a moment to think of the number of airline flights that took off and landed last year. Thousands upon thousands, each plane loaded with passengers. That's an awful lot of passenger miles. How many accidents did you hear about?

    If the same number of people traveled an equivalent distance in their cars, the number of deaths and injuries would be astounding.

    In addition, airline pilots are professionals, up there with other professionals. Nobody is zooming past them inches away.

    Relax and enjoy flying. It's the safest way you can travel.

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    For any distance long enough that flying is an option, traveling on major airlines is far less dangerous than driving on even the safest available roads.

    Calculations showed that driving the length of a typical nonstop flight—1,157 km or 719 miles—is 65 times as risky as flying. In fact, "for this type of flying to become as risky as driving, disastrous airline incidents on the scale of those of Sept. 11 would have to occur about once a month.

    If you are still nervous, buy some air sickness medication that is sold over the counter, it works and have fun.

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    The statistics taken are deaths/1000 drivers or fliers.

    The ratio for flying is much much lower than that of driving. Driving is statistically the most dangerous thing most people do

    Also, don't be afraid of flying at all. I've been many many times and even in the roughest of weather everything is under control

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    statistically safer.

    and you have no really choice to get so terrible injuries to live with in a falling plane than in a crashed car.

    and your family will get about 1m $. and you'll be in the news immediately. you will be famous for 15 minutes.

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    In my opinion, driving is more reliable as a pose to safe. Even though there are obviously alot more car crashes than plane crashes, I would way rather be on the ground than hundreds of feet in the air. Wouldn't you?

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    Good point. A percentage would best represent statement.

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    wat ever has to happen, will happen... Not every Plane crashes and not every car gets into an accident... Do wat you really need to do..without any fear. Gud luck!!!

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