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Rita asked in Social ScienceDream Interpretation · 1 decade ago

Have you ever had a dream and it seemed so real????

My dream was of someone I have liked for a very long time kissed me hehehe and it felt so real I woke up from it hehehehe I wish that dream was real possibly someday hehe you never know :)))) right??


May I add I saw myself in this dream I was aware completely LUCID dreaming at its best I was completely aware that is why it felt EVEN MORE REAL

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    Dreams and dream interpretations are a hobby of mine.

    Your dream is one of the more wonderful ones. We all had them. All your senses are tuned in to that experience. These types of dreams are healthy and prepares us to what is to eventually come. In a sense it is as real as it can get. I hope your dreams will come true but let it just happen. Don't force it.

    Thanks for your wonderful question

    PS: Yes I've had them too. However what I am working on these days are 'lucid dreams' where you know you are dreaming. It is a liberating experience.

    You can fly, get inside doors, materialize on the moon, go out with anyone, dress up, dress down, do all the things you don't do normally. You wake up totally refreshed and energized.

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    Yes I have had very real feeling dreams. You have a strong connection with this person, so your subconscious dream the appropriate dream to show how strong the psychic connection is. The subconscious mind, that creates dreams, is very intuitive and might have a correct analysis of your connection with this person. But the subconscious does at times speculate on possibilities, and is not very well connected with the practical considerations required to make a relationship work in this world. The person on the other end of the attraction may feel real close, but may have a different take on what kind of relationship this person would want to have with you. We can just hope that your dream was one that was a really accurate portrayal of where things could lead to. You should explore the possibilities. Meditate/pray, exercise, and eat healthy, so that you will be spiritually strong, and draw to you the right type of relationships.

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    About 15 years ago I fell a sleep on the couch because my son had been very sick and I wanted to be nearby his bedroom in case he needed me. In my dream I got up and walked by the couch and there was sitting a stranger( a man) I didn't know. I felt surprise, but not alarm, and thought "who is this person, what are they doing here?" but I felt no fear, just a sense of peace. In my dream I never spoke to this person, I just felt a sense of quietness. In the morning when I woke up, the dream seemed so very real and vivid. Even today after all these years I can bring to the surface the feeling that I experienced as I walked by the end of that long couch 15 years back..

  • AbFab
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    If you take away the confines of what is considered to be

    reality or a conscious life and branch out into parallel lives,

    alter egos and the paranormal, all is real and possible.

    I have had dreams that manifested themselves exactly in

    my life at a future time. One, very specifically, I've had since

    childhood and about 7 years ago experienced every

    single detail of it. For a long time I just assumed it was

    symbolic but I was shocked and rivited when it all

    took place. After that, I never had the dream again.

    Another life long, repetitive dream was an actual

    roadmap of what would be my entire character and life

    pattern ahead. Heed them well.

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  • I have had a lot of Dreams, but, one I can still think was real, was that my Family, my Parents, and siblings we were all traveling and this is why I think was weird, in a Wagon, that was being pulled by some Horses, and we were going to a festival, of some sorts, where there were a lot of People, sitting in Tables that were very long and all covered with a lot of Food, from one side to the other. to make matters worse I did not know any of those People that were there.

    I wish someone could tell me why I dreamed this Dream.

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    Hey Rita/Rena, I have had a dream like that, LOL I had a dream once about me and this guy I was so crazy about, I can't get into specifics being how it almost seemed like a porno, LOL no kidding I could feel the touching and kissing, I don't remember if I got my rocks off but I did end up on the wrong end of the bed with no covers. LOL I think I was a sophmore in high school when this happened, talk about raging hormones. LOL

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    Hi Rita, Yes,I have had a dream that seemed very life like. In this case, it did come true, i met this person in real life. One dream was that i met an American woman ,a good dear friend on Yahoo, and we met in London for new years eve, we held hands and laughed and talked all night. This as took place for real, I chat with her on IM all the time, plus i am visiting her soon in U.S.A. We are friends at the moment,but who knows where it may build into. I wish you all the best Rita, With your future plans & dreams. Take care my friend.

  • i had a dream that i ate my pillow...and when i woke up my pillow was missing.

    just kiddin ya..

    but honestly.. when i was much younger i had a dream that my sister and i were lost in a maze underneath our house. all those feelings of fear that we would never get out and tired of running around in circles.. whew!!

    when i woke up i had to look around to make sure i was where i thought i should be.. in my bedroom... in my bed. and sure enough...i was.

    but i felt exhausted and panicky.. and then i wanted to know where my sister was... she was in bed in the next room over...

    whew. what a relief.

    i think i had that dream because she kept running away...and the day before we all had a pretty challenging time at home and i was afraid she would run away again. but for some reason she didn't. I was so thankful.

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    yup.Some of you dont know but I play animal jam.A game for kids but teens have taken over XD! so I dreamed someone gave me something on animal jam.Then When I woke up I logged in and said,Hey wheres that item this guy gave me??? then I said,Oh right it was a dream. LOL then I though reality was a dream and a dream was reality XD!

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    yes...i got a dream before that this guy i loved kissed me..and it was real for me when i woke up. i can feel that feeling that i was really kissed even in my dreams...well, i must say that after a few months the dream was no dream anymore coz he really did kiss me..the passionate kind..hehe...it left me shaken for days that i cant even get my thoughts straight....

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