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How do I find the Longshot in the game: Zelda Ocriana of Time?

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    if I remember correctly, its in the lake temple.

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    Find as many keys as you can in the Water Temple. Then on the top floor (maybe the 2nd floor, not positive) there is a locked door on the left that leads to a room with two slanted walls with water running down them. Use the Hookshot to get to the other side of the room via the descending platforms, watch out for bats. Procede through the next room use the water level switch.

    In the next room you will fight the infamous Dark Link, who is a pain in the *** to deal with, but he isn't too hard. After you beat him, the Longshot is in the next room.

    Source(s): Playing the game multiple times.
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    you find the "longshot" inside the water temple. you have to defeat shadow link in order to get it.

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