Evoultion Not TRUE!!!?

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that evolution is or isnt real.

obviously it isnt they havent found the missing links from ape to modern man. I mean they find human bones and if they find another one close to it they are assuming that it is a ape man. -.-


well considering if you do belive in evolution you would belive that the earth is billions of years old. Rite. So that ur ancestors came from a rock that came from nothing. KEYWORD Nothing. How does something come from nothing ?

Update 2:

And it seems that the world is billions of years old from fossils but its not. There was something in the bible called a flood which washed everything away. So it seems it is but its not. When a guy climbed mt everest he said he saw seashells on the top of that mountain how would that happen?

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    Evolution is a speculation of how man MAY have progressed and since it is the only viable theory Science stands by it. The theory that man was designed by divinity is just a bit hard to prove but then again so is evolution. To believe in either one must have Faith that proof is irrelevant. Believe what you choose and let others do the same it is less stressful that way.

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    National Geographic recently reported that 10' feet of silt had been deposited in the delta of the Persian Gulf, which came from flooding that took place, and was carried by the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers of Mesopotamia, appx. 6700 years ago...

    The cause of this flooding, was from the end of the last Ice Age, glaciers melted, and filled the Black Sea to overflowing, subsequently, the springs in the Taurus Mountains where the Tigris & Euphrates originate, swelled to mammoth proportions, and when the water arrived onto the FLAT, fertile crescent, everything was wiped out, for at least generation!

    Though the flood was localized (Not worldwide), Mesopotamia is where the Old Testament was written, so in essence, it was the "Whole World" to them!

    This is also where the early semites (Proto-Jews) and Sumerians (Shinar, in Genesis) rebuilt their civilization, 6500 years ago. That would be 500-700 years before the Fundamentalist date of Creation (which is 4004 BCE).

    I would think that's kind of odd, to have verified & documented Bibical archaeology taking place, nearly one millenium before the earth itself was "Created", so I would suggest taking at least a junior college-level science class, after you're finished with Sunday School!

    Source(s): As far as seashells on Mt. Everest, that would indicate to a scientist, that the earth's age is hundreds of millions of years old, unless of course, some ocean-faring birds dropped them off more recently, and since Edmund Hillary was the first to climb to the top of Everest, 50+ years ago, there have been over 100 successful expeditions to its summit. Contamination of the site is equally possible! With wild conclusions like you've made, I could see why you'd never make it as a forensic detective, or anthropologist! P.S. If both of our polar caps melted in their entirety, ocean levels would rise a grand total of 244'. Mt. Everest is over 29,000'+. Ummm.....where did all this water come from, and where did it go? Can you explain that?
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    I'm not going to get into Who came first or What .........As far as seashells on top of Mt. Everest --I guess that Teutonic plates pushing against each other to form the mountains ---dosen't have anything to do with it At one time the top of Everest ....WAS the bottom of the ocean

    Source(s): Beliveit or not ......I'm done....
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    There should be another theory about Man, instead of the two boring theories of creationism and evolutionism. Hey, why don't we create one that is equally contested? Give Answers a chance?

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  • Jelise
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    I should disregard thousands - nay millions of learned people doing research so I I can blindly believe a bunch of illiterate desert nomads who just happened to write a book 2k years ago?

    Gaaaad. What a moron.

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    i don't attempt to describe it. that's all too clever for me to objective to belittle it with my small minded concepts of fact. It does not ought to have had a sentient writer. it is in basic terms a organic twist of destiny. yet what an clever twist of destiny the universe and nature seem to have the skill to produce. It in basic terms seems intelligently designed notwithstanding it did not ought to be by skill of anybody in any respect. that's the fashion of intelligence that makes me wish that i'm getting to do it returned whilst the possibility comes around. not that i will ever get to do it returned yet I specific wish so anyhow. yet perchance it is in basic terms too clever to have me around for yet another one returned. Oh properly.

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    This is the Conclusion I wrote for a paper on this topic I know it is long but I think it answers your question very well so please try to read all of it before you give me a thumb down:)

    Science in effect has given us a tool to use in understanding why religion or God has set the rules in such a manner. Science is the answers to how God did such things. Religion is not lost by science, but supported. Science is never a beginning, but a means. Science will never answer a question without asking another. True, science has become a way of life but not one that clashes with the teachings of religion. To support this I would like to dissect some current problems the world faces. Take evolution and creationism for an example. Evolution is not a beginning but a middle. Evolution would suggest that something is evolving and would it not have to exist before hand in order to evolve. Evolution is not a practical or provable theory for the creation of life, but more so of how it has changed while existing. In Geniuses the bible claims that animals were created before man, is it beyond reason to think that the resulting power of God creating man was what we call evolution? This line of thought does not support creationism in the classroom, which is in fact a violation of church and state, however it does support that they can co-exist and that evolution is not an attempt to discredit creationism but a means to a possible explanation of it.

    Consider also the split of science and religion over environmental issues. On the religious side people are saying that we must preserve what we have been given and take care of it, on the secular side is the use of resources to our full advantage. Like evolution this is not a true dividing line between science and religion. Sciences has given use a means to an easier life, for example cars and manufacturing of fossil fuels. Science also shows that the use of these may also be causing global warming. Indeed we only use these fuels because of technology resulting from science thus supporting the religious conservation ideal. That being said I know of few if any people, including myself, that are willing to park their cars for good. It would be unreasonable to prepare the government and economy for such a change and the likely hood of surviving would be low. Ergo our solution to the problem can only rest in understanding it as much as we can and taking reasonable steps supported by science. My point is that science is not the cause of the problem rather the misuse of it.

    In conclusion I would like to leave this thought for all readers, religious or not. What if you could, in some degree, measure the energy of God? Would science give it the label of the “energy of God“, I highly doubt it but a “rose by any other name” is still a rose. The salvation of my soul rests with God but the salvation of the physical body and natural word rests with us and our understanding of them through science.

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    You are assuming evolution is not true because of 'missing link' bones which have never been found?

    'NOT YET!' That's my answer, which also includes the 'YES!' to evolution.

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    did you see the scull they found in china recently?predates any bible ive ever seen or heard about.the shells obveously came from a masive shift in the earth or flood we may see another one soon who knows?

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    Well, obviously not true in your case, pal.

    Seeing as how the entirety of scientific knowledge - from the fossil record to molecular research - confirms that evolution is indeed true, I would hope that if you're going to dismiss evolution then you will also reject the rest of science. So, please - say no to gravity, medicine, or the idea that the earth revolves around the sun. And stop watching Barney because dinosaurs are a lie!

    Source(s): Is there even enough water on earth to engulf Mount Everest, you cretin? Funny, Darwin saw fossils on top of a mountain and theorized that - HEY! - this land was once sea-level, and mountains form over time. Whereas you conclude that the stories in the Bible are 100% true and a big fat flood washed seashells onto mountain tops. Go ahead, believe that the Bible is the literal truth and the Earth is only 6000 years old and Adam, Eve, Noah and King David were all 100% real. But please be prepared to reject the rest of modernity and knowledge to remain consistent. So, for instance, stop using your computer. Just so you're not a hypocrite.
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    there is much more evidence of evolution that there is of god. and the bible does not count as evidence of god, because you cannot use the book in question as proof that itself is proof of god

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