Has a dead person ever won an Oscar?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Peter Finch won for "Network"

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  • 1 decade ago

    With Ledger now dead...he might be the next to get on that list...even before his death...there were rumbling...much like Johnny Depp's Oscar nominated Jack Sparrow character...that Heath would get a nod for playing the Joker. Making it the first comic book movie character to get an Oscar nod. Now with his terrible loss only more attention will be brought to that performance and more will see how brilliant it was.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Playwright Sidney Howard

    was killed in a tractor accident on his farm in 1939, months before the film of his

    Oscar-winning screenplay for Gone With The Wind appeared on the screen.

    These have also recievd nominations

    Jeanne Eagels, best known for creating the role of Sadie Thompson in

    Somerset Maugham's Rain, died of a Heroin overdose on October 3, 1929;

    months before she received a 1928/29 Best Actress nomination for her performance

    in The Letter.

    James Dean has the distinction of receiving two posthumous acting nominations. He

    fatally crashed his Porsche on September 30, 1955, and was later nominated for

    Best Actor for 1955 (for East of Eden) and 1956 (for Giant).

    Spencer Tracy died on June 10, 1967, two weeks after completing

    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. He received his ninth Best Actor nomination for

    the film, still the record for that category.

    Peter Finch died of a heart attack on Jaunary 14, 1977 that was thought to

    brought on by his exhaustive campaign to win the Oscar for Network. He

    won the award, prompting costar and fellow nominee William Holden (who had

    previously won the 1953 Oscar for Stalag 17) to say "If the son of a *****

    hadn't died, I could have won my second Oscar."

    Ralph Richardson died on October 10, 1983, five months before his

    Oscar nominated turn as Lord Greystoke in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan,

    Lord of the Apes was released. The legendary Shakespearean actor also

    has the distinction of being the first thespian to win the New York Film Critics

    Best Actor Award without also receiving an Oscar nomination

    (for Breaking The Sound Barrier, 1952).

    Massimo Troisi was diagnosed as needing a heart transplant just before he began

    shooting his screenplay of Il Postino/The Postman, and died on June 4, 1994 (the day after

    completing it). Sentiment over Troisi's inspiring story was largely responsible

    for his nominations for Best Actor and Best Screenplay Based on Material Previously

    Produced or Published.

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