how do i get police clearance from bahrain if im in philippines. i need this for US visa application.?

there is no bahrain consulate/embassy in philippines. how do i get the forms authenticated from these offices before i send them back to bahrain.

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    This comes from the Department of State's website at

    Police Record

    Available. To obtain a Bahraini GOOD CONDUCT CERTIFICATE, write to: General Directorate of Criminal Investigation (CID), P.O. Box 26698, Manama, State of Bahrain. The letter should contain a request for an application for a "Good Conduct Certificate" (Form PS/CID/6) with a statement explaining that the certificate is needed for immigration. Applicants should complete and return it to the CID at the above address along with the following:

    Two matte (i.e., non-glossy) photographs;

    A photocopy of the first four pages of the applicant's passport;(where all the biographic data is mentioned)

    A photocopy of all previous Bahraini residence permits;

    A letter from the applicant's current employer indicating that they have no objection to the applicant's departure.

    If the applicant is living in Bahrain, the CID will schedule an interview, during which the applicant will be fingerprinted. The certificate is usually issued within 3-5 days after the interview. Records are somewhat unreliable prior to 1967. There is a fee for this service of Bahrain Dinars 1.000 or U.S. $3.00 for this service. Checks and Bank Drafts are not accepted.

    Applicants no longer living in Bahrain should follow the same procedure and provide the same documentation. However, they will also have to provide a set of fingerprints taken by local police in their country of residence.

    If there is a Bahrain Embassy where the applicant resides, the can contact the Bahrain Embassy to complete the necessary formalities.

    Note: Certificates are not issued for holders of visitor's visas. In order for CID to issue a Good Conduct Certificate, an applicant must currently have, or previously have had, a valid residence permit in Bahrain.

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      I know this page a years ago. I have the same problem right now. As I called in CID Bahrain one of their requirements is CPR. I think this was you mentioned residence permit in Bahrain . My question is . Is this the one written or stamped on my passport during exit and entry? Please I need help.

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    Source(s): Criminal Record Search Database :
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    Verbatim from US State branch "to get carry of a Bahraini stable habit certificates, write to: prevalent Directorate of criminal examine (CID), P.O. container 26698, Manama, State of Bahrain. The letter could desire to contain a request for an application for a "stable habit certificates" (variety playstation /CID/6) with a fact explaining that the certificates is needed for immigration. applicants could desire to finished and return it to the CID on the above handle alongside with here: 2 matte (i.e., non-sleek) photographs; A photocopy of the 1st 4 pages of the applicant's passport;(the place all of the biographic documents is pronounced) A photocopy of all previous Bahraini place of residing facilitates; A letter from the applicant's present day corporation indicating that they haven't any objection to the applicant's departure. If the applicant is residing in Bahrain, the CID will time table an interview, interior of which the applicant would be fingerprinted. The certificates is in many cases issued interior of three-5 days after the interview. data are particularly unreliable ahead of 1967. there's a fee for this provider of Bahrain Dinars a million.000 or U.S. $3.00 for this provider. tests and economic employer Drafts at the instant are not time-honored. applicants not residing in Bahrain could desire to shop on with a similar technique and grant a similar documentation. besides the undeniable fact that, in addition they'll could desire to grant a sequence of fingerprints taken via interior of sight police of their usa of place of residing. If there's a Bahrain Embassy the place the applicant is residing, they are able to touch the Bahrain Embassy to end the needed formalities." merely right Fred Wahl Matchmaker

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    The only way to know is to contact the Bahraini Ministry of the Interior and ask them what is acceptable. Do as indicated, and include a copy of their instructions with your information.

    General information:

    Contact information:

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