What should I wear on a first date that just so happens to be New Years Eve?

I'm going on my first date with a guy and it just so happens to be New Years Eve. We are just going to a Bar/Pub. I'm not sure if I should just do jeans and a nice top or get really dressed. It's also going to be very cold tonight. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I agree with the jeans. Wear something you won't mind getting beer spilled all over. Remember, you are going to a pub. Just wear some dark wash jeans and a nice shirt with a fun jacket, and some shoes that you won't be too upset getting beer on. Have fun and don't worry about what you look like. He is going out with you right, so he must like how you look.

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    You can't go wrong with a nice pair of jeans. A nice blouse, sexy yet elegent ..but nothing too flashy ...A nice black coat with a bright color scarf perhaps ...Good luck with the date !

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    Where a dress, not a ballroom dress but a medium length one. Dress it with bangles/bracelets, nice necklace and a sparkly shrug or something. Who cares if your over dressed make a statement !


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    Ask the guy what he is wearing. If he is dressing up really nice. You should dress up nice also. If it is cold you are gonna be in the bar for most of the time so that shouldn't effect you. If he's not gonna dress up really dressed up you should wear some nice jeans a nice shirt some boots and a nice coat.

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    dress to bring in the New Year the way you want.


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    If you are going to a bar, I would dress up some jeans. Wear a nice top and boots. Maybe a cute coat. You will look classy without being over dressed.

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