Premature gray in teens, dyed for years. It's over 70% white, how to transition?

Started going gray in streaks, in teens. Started frosting my hair in late 20's and it looked good. Started dying my hair, close to natural color, late 30's. I've let it grow out and the "color" is darker than it used to be. I'm 70% white, with some streaks and I'd like to "own" it. The dye line looks trashy and I was considering frosting it, while it grows out. Any ideas for transitioning? My gray is really the shiny silver/white and I'd rather play it up, for the sparkle factor.

How stupid will it look frosted, with dark blond on the bottom, white/dark up top? I never had dark hair growing up, the color differential has thrown me for a loop. I don't want to dye it anymore, there's always a lighter stripe at the roots, because my white doesn't really hold color; even when the pros do it.

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    henna is supposed to look very natural on white or gray hair. i have seen many women that had all gray or white hair that use henna in all different colors and it looked great. snip a little piece of your hair from the back of your head and do a strand test to see if you like how it looks. you can put henna on top of dyed hair but you can't dye over top of henna or your hair can melt.

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