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Best way to get laid on new years eve?

Yes yes yes im going out to party on new years eve with my friends and i really wanna get laid for the new year,any suggestions?


Yeah call me whatever you want i dont give a damn! When you die you regret the things you dont do!

Im not growing old an living in regret when i can look back on life and think wow i had a great life,i dont want to be sitting there beating myself up because i didnt make the most of life OK

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    Take it the date didn't work out for ya!

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    Booze. Nothing helps ugly people get some strange like booze.

    Or you could not obsess over sex, and just learn to enjoy yourself. Sex isn't that great when it's just 45 minutes of awkward and uncomfortable pounding with some one who's name you forgot, and you'll never see again. Actually, at that point it's kind of sad.

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    first bit of advice, take condoms, wear a tight mini, stilletoes, boobs showing as much as possible, dancing giving lots of available men 'the eye', when you're talking to any male you fancy, stroke his inner thigh making it obvious you want sex, more or less looking and acting like a slapper should do the trick

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    I'm not sure,but whoever lands on your lap,make it clear to them that it is just a lay you're after.

    Saves any hurt/confusion after.

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    all you need is a party to go to. the booze will be flowing, everyone will be hyped. once you see someone you like the look of, get chatting, get dancing, get your coat!

  • Just say do you want a shag, you either gonna get a slap, a yes i do, or no

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    Prey on the first **** that must be desperate. You obviously are too.

    Who will catch AIDS first?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    While rape remains illegal you don't stand a chance, I heard the last time you went with a prostitute she give you 50% off as you were immediate family?

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    1 decade ago

    get really really drunk and then it won't matter which girl/guy you end up with, either way you will get laid

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    come to my place!

    ill have some shampane

    and lube!

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