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When will our Government do something about our Immigrant Problem?

Too many of the immigrants that come to our country illegally end up on Public Assistance, or get pregant purposely, and then collect Public Assistance. When will this popular hand-out stop?


To Shadyba: This is a problem the US has had for a long time. Doesn't include the present war.

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    I think it's bogus that our country can't take care of their own citizens and we are stuck taking care of other countries. It makes no sense to me why we would give someone from another country who is not a citizen of the US medical, dental, public assistance, etc when we don't even offer that to the US citizens. I think it's wrong and it needs to end. I'm a US citizen here in WA State. After seeing what the US gives people from other countries and how well they take care of them I would LOVE to change my nationality and come from another country! This way I wouldn't have to work to get my medical, dental, public assistance, I would just have to apply with the state!

    I see why people would want to come to the US. It's a free ride to all the non-citizens that live here! Wouldn't you want have a free ride where you live or are you stuck paying for everyone else free ride?

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    a million. the government in basic terms estimates those numbers. 2. the government only like in another united states would not continually inform you the reality because of the fact it isn't the interest of the politicians. i would not blame the illegals for this recession and that i very plenty believe it could have occurred without illegals additionally. you recognize capitalism isn't a appropriate equipment the two. the super melancholy did take place and there have been no illegals at that element. you may cool down for the reason which you're conversing like a dictator. the government has made many errors additionally yet putting the blame on all people would not help.

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    Both parties use tough talk on illigel immigration, the problem is our government subsidizes the problem on both sides of the issue, The bottom line, if your a guest worker here, you should not be entitled to anything extra, if im visiting another country, It is not their responsibility to give me a hand out, nor would I expect them too.

    All top tier candidates openly oppose illigel immigration, but in reality operate below the radar in support of the subsidies for thing is to research the candidates voting record from independant government websites, and see for yourself if they are double talkers.

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    Hey, live and let live i say, don't be so mean there are plenty to go round , we just taped in to some black gold over in Iraq , Q8 , Sudan , all round Africa , Saudi Arabia , we will never be short , public assistance , pee in a ocean, what we get from these people which rightfully there's compare to what they scrape to survive in this country, it amounts to nothing ,

    do you think you could live the life you live in US, if we pulled our dirty hands away from their oilfields , and stopped creating wars amongst them, so we could sell them arms bombs rockets ,at astronomical prices ,

    This is all done so you can sit on your back side eat burgers and moan , wake up will you

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    only time the immigration problem will ever be solved is when the democrats stop using them for votes.

    yes they vote! they can also collect social security benefits.

    anybody who speaks against this (politicians) gets branded a racist discriminating fool by the dems.

    personally i think its a disgrace

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    Not as long as the left as a say so.

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    "let me get this straight,,,,,,,,, ye invade their countries ,they follow ye home and now ye are pissed about it?????????"

    Hmmm..... when did the US invade Mexico? I don't think we have ever invaded them yet they are running over our borders and taking our jobs.

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    When ousting them is no longer political suicide.

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    When he chooses too

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    only when ignorant people like you who have no idea what they are talking about come to power...

    inform yourself first before you spit out what you have read or seen somewhere...think for yourself

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