i want to know is there any way to rejoin the military on a medical discharge?

i was discharged from the marine corps due to a dislocated elbow on my dd-214's it sais 2 years is there any way to get back in sooner than 2 years i dont care how harde or long it might take i want to know please help me with this question i realy want to reenlist

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    Im sure you would have to get examined to make sure that you are completely healed (Deployable). Make sure to do your therapy and follow Dr's orders no matter how ridiculous they may seem

    Hope all goes well for you.

    Semper Fi

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    The RE code on the 214 is the key. RE-3's can get back in quite easily but it requires a waiver. If you have full documentation that there is nothing wrong with your elbow anymore (BTW, that discharge reason sounds sketchy), you will most likely be able to enlist in the Army. You might have to wait the 2 yrs though...go see an Army recruiter. When I was a recruiter, I put in several medical discharge, prior service guys. Good Luck!

    Stay Army Strong!

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    You should be able to re-enlist depending what RE code you have. In 2004 I tried to enlist in the Marine Corps but I had broken my leg and ankle. Then last year I was able to re-enlist because my doctor had to write a letter and get all my records from the hospital to tell the medical people what went on. So you have a good fighting chance that you will be able to re-enlist.

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    on the bottom of your DD-214 what was your RE Code? was it RE-1, RE-2, RE-3 or RE-4, with a re-1 you could with a medical waiver .. an re-2 slimmer chance, re-3 fat chance, re-4 no chance at all,, I don't see a problem personaly as long as you are healed.. heck as long as you could still squeeze a trigger on a gun I'd let you back in, heck if you could make it back thru basic that would pretty much prove you are in shape .. good luck

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  • Mrsjvb
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    the two year wait is to ensure it doesn't happen again. there most likely is no way around that waiting period. In the meantime, keep your self healthy and in shape and your ducks in a row so that when the time IS up, you can go back in ASAP.

  • knight
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    You might be able to-you'll have to go through a physical to determine whether or not your suitable. I know of several people who did it.

  • Anonymous
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    i told you that you might get a waiver for that. go and see a recruiter, hell be able to answer your question

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