how do the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis relate to the Calvin cycle?

I'm american international high school student.

I don't khow how do the light-dependent reactions of photosyn

thesis relate to the Calvin cycle?

please help me.

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    The light-dependent reactions get two essential things ready for the Calvin cycle:

    1. The light-dependent reactions send energy to the Calvin Cycle in the molecules of ATP and NADPH.

    2. The light-dependent reactions send hydrogens to the Calvin cycle in NADPH. The hydrogens came from splitting water molecules.

    It's kind of like the cooking shows on television where the star comes out and cooks everything in 30 minutes. But before the star can do that, other people got everything ready -- bought the food, measured out spices into all those little cups, and sometimes cut up vegetables, .... The light-dependent reactions are like the process of getting everything set for the cooking show because these reactions get everything ready for the Calvin cycle. The 30 minute program with the star cooking the food is like the Calvin cycle because this set of reactions takes the prepared energy and hydrogens plus carbon dioxide from the air and actually builds the glucose.

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    Light Dependent Reactions Of Photosynthesis

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    The products of the light-dependent reaction are sent off through the cell until they are used in the Calvin Cycle.

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