Gallstones or stomach ulcer?????

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i have been having pain recently on my upper right side tummy sometimes i feel the pain when i was sitting down or when im sleeping on my right side and i will also sometimes feel more
Update : i have been taking medicine for gastric and heartburn but it does not more
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Hi Jeme.

If you had a peptic ulcer, otherwise known as a stomach ulcer, the pain would be on the LEFT side, since that is where your stomach is.

Also, nausea from ulcers is often relieved by eating food; it doesn't get worse. Plus, you have been taking medications that would normally calm down the pain from ulcers.

The gallbladder is on the right side. However, when you normally have a gallbladder attack, it comes on suddenly, with excruciating pain. The pain is usually felt in the back also, although it is possible to feel some pain in the front.

It could possibly be your gallbladder; but it could also be your liver. That would explain the nausea after eating as well as the pain. It would also be in the upper right side of your abdomen.

The bottom line is that there can be a number of problems. You need to see a doctor & tell him/her what is going on. GI problems can become very serious is left untreated. So, do not try to self-medicate any longer, and get yourself to a doctor.

I hope you feel better fast & that it's not too serious.


I have ulcer disease & I have had my gallbladder removed. I have liver disease & gastro-esophageal reflux disease. So, I have had a lot of GI problems.

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thanks im now waiting for an appointment to see the specialist :)
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  • looking for a miracle answered 7 years ago
    It really does sound like a gallbladder problem. I don't know if its stones necessarily, but it does sound like the gallbladder does not seem to be working as well as it used to. I had this problem with the same symptoms. I had an ultrasound done which showed no stones. Then they sent me for a HIDA-scan which showed that the gallbladder was not working very well. You should talk with your doctor and at least get it checked out. I had to have my gallbladder removed.
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  • chasethefle answered 7 years ago
    Something I learned about stones if you get in a warm bathtub and it relives some of the pain you probly have some issues the waitlessness of the water takes pressure off of all that stuff anyways if you eat a better diet you can semi fix this see doc if you can
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  • luvmy3 answered 7 years ago
    It really does sound like you have Gallstones.More than likely the reason the pain comes and goes is because the stone is moving back and forth.When you eat the stone tries to pass causing the pain and bloating.The best way to diagnose this through an ultrasound of your gallbladder.I went through these pains for almost 2yrs before they found out what was really wrong.All this after being treated for an ulcer all that time.I finally requested them to do the ultrasound.


    Been there done that.
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  • SusanS, Incognito answered 7 years ago
    It sounds like gallbladder, in that you say you feel worse after you eat. Ulcer patients usually feel better after they eat. Gas and bloat are another hallmark of gall bladder problems. Classic gall bladder pain usually goes from the mid-epigastrum thru to the shoulder blade. I hope this helps. As always, the doctor must make the diagnosis.
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  • Wally Y answered 7 years ago
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  • Lyxi answered 7 years ago
    You really should just go to the doctor and have them answer this question for you instead of wasting your time asking random people, most of which I would guess do not have a medical degree.
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  • serialmom12 answered 7 years ago
    Speaking from experience, sounds like gallstones to me.
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