We're going to have to be sneaky about this one any suggestions?

Question how do you get someone to stop smoking that doesn't want to stop smoking? And do it wihout them knowing you are trying to make them to stop smoking? If she suspects I am trying to make her stop smoking she is going to bow up and start griping about me promising not to say anything about her smoking?


She is a peer long time, g.f. significant other, and hard core about smoking. I told her when we first started going together that I was not going to say anything about her smoking, because of the way my ex-wife used to gripe at me about me smoking. I didn't stop smoking until we were divorced. So see problem and why I am going to have to be sneaky about it. She can not even suspect it.


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    Hon, here's what you can do, but do it quietly so she does not see or hear you do it:

    1. Fill all of her ashtrays with water.

    2. Get rid of all of the matches and lighters in the house.

    3. Spill vinegar on all of her cigarettes.

    4. Lose the car keys.

    5. Repeat, until she stops on her own from frustration.

    6. ROFLYAO

    7. All the while say nothing about her quitting.

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    It might depend on your relationship to her---are you her parent or her peer? I tried to get someone to stop smoking by complaining about the bad breath, the smell on the clothes, and the associated health problems, but that didn't work. The thing that got him to quit was having a heart attack! They just don't listen to certain people.

    She needs to want to quit. Have you tried open and honest communication about your feelings about her smoking? Would telling her why it bothers you influence her? Does she recognize that being a smoker increases her risks for heart attack and other respiratory diseases at a younger age? My suggestion: Focus on giving her praise when she makes a good choice or behaves wisely, no matter what it is. Tell her you admire her for something she did or said. The question to figure out is, what will it take for her to consider cutting back or quitting. What will motivate her to give it up? What if the money could be used for more constructive things, like a vacation? Does she have a nonsmoking role model that she admires?

    Plenty of people end up having to learn the hard way - but if she knows you are concerned for her health and the health of those around her, and knows why it's not desirable to be a smoker (disease risks, higher health insurance costs, etc.), maybe she will decide to try to quit. The strength is inside her, so she has to find it.

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    Hi JUANFRAN$$$,

    Have someone else post picutures all over the house when you are not there, in her car, in the trunk of her car everywhere. That way you won't be the the one causing the problem or at least she won't think so. Get her the Nicotine patch, gum, (nictrol-nasal spray, the new pill all need to have prescription) & leave them around the house, also fresh fruit, iced water with lemon or lime slices, anything to keep her hands busy, jigsaw puzzles, suckers, hard candy, gum, plastic straws, black licorice, St.John's Wart(natural sedative), get rid of ash tray, lighters anything to do with smoking, whatever else you can think of. LQQK my physician told me when I quit it was like withdrawing from a herion addiction but worse, he was so right about that, classes where others have quit sure helped though. ( I was a bi t ch for a month) before I could stand to talk to people (never mind being somewhere when others were smoking, I wanted to bite their heads off). I quit for a year & a 1/2 then my best friend, sister-in-law passed away- 1 sniff,1 puff, 1 cigarette, lead to 1 pack & then 1 carton.

    Have a good weekend. :0)

    Additional Details: Mn went smoke free so I will just keep trying to quit until I kick the habit. But believe me it is harder than you might think. I used to smoke 3 packs a day when I quit at least now I am only smoking a pack a day.

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    Have other people do it

    Leave nasty pictures of tarred up lungs around the house

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    I smoke ribs

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Give her some sausage to smoke!!!

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    buy non smoking over-the-counter medicine and slip it into her food.

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    hypnotize. i hear it can work. give it a try.

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