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Question about pit bull dogs?

If a stray pit bull dog that looks like he is straving to death starts hanging around your houss, and. you start feeding it to keep it from straving. Then it bites someone on your property, are you liable for damages since the dog is a stray and you don't own it?


We have not got him to where he trust us enough to let us pet him. or come to us

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    SUNSET & CHRIS really needs to educate themselves, it's ignorant people like them and the owner of the pit bull that showed up on your doorstep that are responsible for BSL.

    I would NOT call Animal Control, the poor dog deserves a chance and they will only keep it 7 days and then euthanize it.

    If you decide not to keep him at least turn him over to a pit bull rescue where he will get a chance of getting a loving home.


    If you have a fenced in back yard at least put him back there until you decide what you are going to do with him. If you take him out for walks to see if he shows any aggression towards other dogs or people, muzzle him for safety. I gather from what you are saying about him, he is scared.

    Thanks for caring =)

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    I have stray dogs dropped at the end of my road all the time, lets hope that it wasn't used in dog fighting. Probably not if it trusts you. Have you put an add in the paper, reporting dog found, or have you read the lost dog ads as well. I have a pit and he is very sweet, but they are loyal pets, they love the person that raised them the longest, and they are sometimey to other people unless they know them well, I am telling you this for your own good, he knows that you have food, and he trusts you, but they are hard dogs to deal with if they are upset, and they aren't very people friendly as the other person said, if you have small children please don't let them be around the dog alone. Not to scare you at all, but you really don't know how this dog has been treated, I would try to find his home asap, just in case something may happen. e

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    No not at this point, but be careful about it because if it did bight someone and they called the police etc then the dog is likely to be taken away. If you want to take care of it and so forth, provide a bed like an old duvey or blanket and put it on the varandah or somewhere sheltered and feed him there, he might decide he would like to sleep there at night. Contact your local animal shelter and they can check him for mites, ticks, worms etc that he might have since he is a stray and check if he is overly aggressive. They may be able to rehibilitate him and if you want to keep him you can...However, unfortunately if he is overly aggressive then it's too much of a risk for you and the dog, if it attacked someone in your care then a) you would be liable and b) the dog would be destroyed. Take the shelter's advice..hopefully it will be positive! Good luck

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    That's kind of a hard one. I mean if one were feeding a stray dog often and it began to hang around on a regular basis then, it sort of becomes that person's dog as it depends upon that person for survival but, how all of that fits in with the law, I'm not sure about.

    However, it wouldn't surprise me if the feeder of the dog did recieve some kind of charges.

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    I don't know. I don't think so, because you don't own him. Did this happen to you? I would contact the authorities to find out. BUT, if I ever found a starving stray pit bull I would take him in. I would give him a good meal, then visit a local animal shelter so they could temperament test him. If everything went fine, I would keep him. If he wasn't a good fit for my family, then I would take him to a (No Kill!) Pit Bull rescue organization so they could find him the proper home.

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    It is your responsibility to help the poor animal out and call a rescue or animal control to pick the dog up. Don't leave him out in there in a dark, cruel world to become hurt or killed.

    No, it is not your problem if the dog bites someone on your property. Just call for help.

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    Depends on where you live. In my area yes I would be responsible for harboring a stray dog and as such would be responsible for the dogs actions.

    They passed this law to prevent those who do indeed own dogs to use the "it's a stray, not mine" excuse when their dog would bite someone.

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    They aren't "naturally aggressive." Any dog is mean if they've been abused and neglected no matter what breed. Pits we're originally used as nanny dogs in the old days. Do your research before saying stupid ****.

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    Hon, if I was going to feed the poor dog, I would take the food to an open field and leave the food and water there and hopefully, the dog will find it and be happily on his or her way and not my problem. I refuse to take on another's problem by feeding his/her dog on my property where the dog then can become a liability to me.

  • Anything that happens on your property is your fault and you can be sued for it. If a bugler breakes into your home and the dog bites him, you can be sued for it.................. how are you going to prove that you don't own the dog. You will only look bad to the judge because "your dog" is neglected and starving. You need to get this situation under control quickly

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