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Do you believe women can contribute significantly towards saving Planet Earth?

In which areas do you think women can make the greatest impact? Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on global warming and on saving Planet Earth. Can women play a significant role in contributing to this global issue? Share your thoughts with us!

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    Besides being able to play a significant role in changing policies and creating awareness, I think women's greatest contribution to saving mother earth starts at home. From a mother teaching her child how to love and treasure the earth, to equipping the child with the knowledge that he/she can do his/her little part to save the earth. I believe that a mother can get a good example for the child by doing the things that she says, such as recycling bottles, saving electricity by switching off the lights when not needed, saving petrol by walking the extra mile and conserving water. That was what my mother taught me. And its has stayed with me until now.

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    Everyone, whether man, woman or child, can contribute towards saving Planet Earth.

    However because of the different roles that a woman plays, & the general difference (from man) in her daily activities, her contribution could be more significant.


    Generally, the woman does the shopping for the household needs. Just by heightening a little effort in cutting down the use of plastic bags/containers, using recycled containers etc, would reduce global warming

    Women love to be in line with the trend & discard clothes and accessories which are in good condition. They could use those stuff till they are worn out. Alternatively, they could recycle them by donating it to the poor, thus contributing to saving Planet Earth while doing charity

    Being the prime carer for their children, women are in a better position to act as a model and teacher to a whole new generation,on how to save the earth. This contribution by far, has the most impact.

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    Actually everyone can contribute significantly towards saving Planet Earth.

    But women might be able to do some areas that men neglect or not involved.

    Things like make-up, diamonds, cars, air-con. I am sure guys can live without most of these things, or at less a minimum rate.

    Anyway lets all believe and actually contribute (in some actions) to saving the Planet Earth!

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    Loaded Question, considering that it is from "CLEO".

    So Men are Off the Hook, we just sit back, pop up our feets, have a Cold One, while the Ladies Go Out and Saved the World, Fine by Me.

    Too Bad, me Old Guy, Believe that All Play a part, irregardless how Big or Small, All have to pull their weight, if not more.

    For a Role Solely for Ladies.

    Be a Good Mother, not an easy Task (An American "Cele" comes to mind, after having her baby still want to Party the Night away, Child well taken care for by others).

    Changing One Heart at a Time

    It Speak Volumes, when only Mother and Child is around, and the Mother(Father too) still take care of the Earth.

    Not amount of Drum Beating, Flyers Distribution or Great Speeches can Win the Heart of that Child.

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    I think the problem starts at the factories. We tend to use what is available and what is cheaper for quick use. For instant:

    Disposable Diaper: at Walmart, since it's popular, disposable diapers can cost $7.00 -$15.00 or more a pack, with 12-60 or more per pack of diapers. Yes it can be more expensive once you add all the time you used it + the cost up. But it's faster for use as apose to

    Clothed diaper: Gerber clothed diapers cost $11.96 For 12 a pack. Babies need changing about 5 to 10 times a day, so you would need more than one pack. Once you add up, this product can be cheaper because you get multiple use. you would have to wash them, rather you wash on hand and hang dry or wash in the washer machine, which may up your electric bill. But washing can also be time consuming,especially if the baby needs a pamper on right then. It might not be as hard has it seems.

    They also have Kushies Reusable Ultra Diapers for Infants — 5 Pack for $38.74 Toddlers-42.74

    Kushies Washable Diaper Liners for Ultra Diapers, 10-Pack cost $9.88

    Some people can afford these products while they are others who cannot, these products need to be cheaper.

    Use Towels to clean instead of baby wipes, which cannot dissolve.

    This issue can also start with women educating other women about recycling, and when we dont recycle, we should know what it is doing to the earth. Women are very inteligent, we just have to get together and figure out what we can do to make this place a better place. If factories can make toys, robots and cars, then they can make things that we use everyday that can be reusable and at a cheaper price.

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    Everyone should have a role in saving the planet. If you ask me, men should contribute more! We seem to be so careless in such details. Or at least that are the challenges i see in most of the men that i know.

    Women (everyone) can contribute big time in their areas of work and at home.

    For example, women tends to be house maker most of the time. And they should look into these areas where they can help in the 3 Rs (Recycle, Reuse and Reduce).

    Another role that women can help the most is in educating the kids of our future! Awareness is the most powerful tool to use in making people (especially Earth's future "users") realise the dangers and the signs.

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    To appreciate nature and our surroundings and have an understanding of our own relationship with it, and the "importance of it", has been a way of life to some of us instilled over centuries to each generation! Plus I enjoy being a woman. So I was tired of this Question always being at the top of my page when I log in, and guessed I just had to answer! Save the Planet, save the whale, save the dolphin ... perhaps all just too little, too late.

    Everyone with an age and an amount of understanding, has a view as to what is happening and what will happen, in and with this Planet. Some don't care, and won't care. Others do care, yet are not interested in "freaking out" and becoming 'Greenies'. What we have, is a situation which is irreversible. It is like trying to put the 'bolted brumby' back in the coral, and there's not a chance. What makes you think that enough people to give a hoot, could prevent: reverse: stop: hinder: that which is inevitable?

    All are free to choose how to think, and respond. I'll continue to live my life with love and respect for nature, but I have no intention of jumping on some row boat of 'Green Peace". The Ocean Liner of disregard for nature and the results of it, has been full speed ahead for too long. Save The Planet and all such notions, may be admirable passtimes out of guilt for not having cared enough in the passed.

    Technology and Progress will continue to be what it is, and increase faster than the differance enough to give a hoot could make. Thank you for the opportunity for my thoughts on the subject to be shared.


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    I do think that both men & women can contribute towards saving Planet Earth. On the other hand, I do believe that women can contribute much more than men. Most women are housewives. With that being a full time job for them, they can help save the earth by going green at home. As in using recycled materials for daily home use, and ozone friendly products. They can also educate their kids, who are the future generation. Knowledge about how important it is to save Earth can be instilled in them from a very young age and they would in turn grow up to care more for our environment. Women are naturally more emotional towards such issues. So even if they are not housewives, at work they can encourage fellow workers to jump on the bandwagon towards saving Planet Earth. Mother Earth is a woman after all, who better to spread the word about saving her than her own kind.

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    No, not even all the men and women put together are going to "save planet Earth". The Earth is not dying by the way it's not going anywhere. It's recovered from many NATURAL things over its life.

    Anyway, global warming is a very natural thing. Does everyone really think that they are greater then the sun? Or even volcanoes for that matter. I for one don't believe all this rubbish that the governments are try to brain wash us with. I'm glad to know many people who think the same way too.

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    Both Men and women can and must do what-ever they can to help reduce world climate or else we'll all soon be in much more serious trouble than we are already.

    But having said that, I really think that women can actually contribute more than man. Insofar that women can influence their partners as well as their children. Men too can influence children. But for men to influence women that is a hard-one.

    All in all women can and should take part with men in trying to solve all life's problems and not just world climate change.

    In fact if women weren't to participate in anything men could very easily and very quickly be lost.

    Men and women we are in this planet together we must work together on all things for a hopeful better life not just for now but for us and our children and their children future.

    I hope that my hereto contribution has helped in some ways.

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