Seriously, are we in the Great Depression for PC games?

It is absolutely ridiculous that Starcraft 2 is already on some "Top Games" rankings while we are still 1 year (at best) away from its release.

Since when has the question changed from "what's the next good PC game" to "when will Blizzard release its next game?"

The games nowadays are a bunch of eye-candies without "souls." We have a truck load of computer artists. Surprisingly, what we need is - philosophers maybe?

If you think I sound like a whiner about life, go ahead. The gaming industry simply pisses me off. I have 50 bucks on my table, but I don't have the slightest idea about which game to buy.

Thank god there are other good ways to enjoy life.

P.S. I quit WoW, and I'm pretty proud of myself.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You are right on many points. The majority of games are either sequels to best sellers or clones of best sellers.

    I personally think the 3D First-person Shooter games changed a lot of things. OK, so they look very realistic these days, but they have never appealed to me - not least because they give me awful motion sickness. Now most Western games are first person shooters.

    The fact is, the PC has been the victim of it's own success in many ways. Prior to the PC becoming the computer of choice (with only the Mac to now challenge it), there were many computers on the market (Atari ST; Commodore Pet, 64 and Amiga; The BBC Micro; Electron). Some of those old games were - understandably - poor in graphics and very short in play length. But look at the endless variety we had? OK, so for every good game there were 20 turkeys, but the good games were amazingly inovative, like Elite, Populous, Sim City, The Lords of Midnight or Civilization. As games moved to the PC, they became better graphics-wise and the PC gave us much bigger games. But along the way, computer game development went from geeky guys with wild ideas who took risks to corporate suits who never take risks.

    Games are now a big business. Sadly, the Western World not only has a more limited choice in games, but an idea is saturated over all formats - both computers and consoles. So The Sims and Harry Potter titles top the charts of all formats. While there is nothing wrong with choice, some of these versions for different formats are poorly executed. The Sims games for non-PC format are shockingly bad and bear little resmblence to what the actual PC game is about. Worse still, EA/Maxis would rather push through untested games and expansions and make money rather than fix the thousands of bugs in the Sims series.

    You say you quit WoW. I play Second Life, which has a reputation for being equally as addictive as WoW, and I admit openly that I am an SL addict. But I do see the online gaming side as the future for PC gaming. Second Life has a lot of problems, such as inventory loss, Search going down, lag, login issues and everything else you can think of. Work on sorting these problems is slow, but it does happen and residents can contribute to the debate and we get some feedback. With The Sims, the policy is to never give feedback or to answer requests for fixes. The whole Sims community has to get VERY militant at the official forum before there's any official word or response to pleas for fixs and it's that attitude that made me turn my back on The Sims and the Sims 2 and focus my attentions and cash on Second Life instead.

    Every now and again, I buy a PC game and almost every time my expectations are dashed. Games are either a stale rehash, or they're dumbed down (the latest version of Rollercoaster Tycoon is a good example of both of these problems). So for me, SL is Mana from Heaven as it allows me to unleash my creative side (I design and sell clothes, jewellery and furniture and help run an SL modeling agency). At some point, I want to find the time to run free classes for new residents showing them how to create things in SL.

    I miss some of those great empire/tycoon computer games of the past, but I finally found a good use for all those years spent struggling with simulated profit and loss as I slowly build up a real clothing empire - albeit in the sales of virtual clothes.

    If you can face another addictive online game experience, come and take a look at SL. All those years spent gaming could pay off and you might find a nice little niche creating something in SL.

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  • 1 decade ago

    With PC Technology moving so fast it is difficult to keep up and for those who are making the games it is also a little difficult to design a game for an audience that have different computer specs.

    Over the years, games have been getting better graphics and this is probably easier to see with the console games. From the Original NES system to the Wii or even the change from Xbox to the Xbox360.

    I think there are a lot of good PC games out there that are having trouble shining. I think many people are unaware of some of their existence. Some PC games are fun but it usually feels like a gamble when you want to purchase one. Unless the franchise is well known then it may be hard to decide if the game is any good. A lot of people will buy Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, and Starcraft games because they already have an idea what it will be like and because it is a familiar franchise. I honestly think that Final Fantasy game play and story has gotten worse since its earlier titles but people are still buying it.

    For the companies it is a lot easier to make sequels of well known games with the game has had a seccusful run. Blizzard is a decent company and many people know if for its Warcraft and Starcraft game. They have a larger budget and can get good marketing for their games versus the smaller companies.

    About the games being prettier than before but lacking story, I think this is true as well. A lot of games are focusing on graphics and trying to have the best presentation while game play gets neglected a little. I think a lot of people are seeing through this though. The graphical change from Xbox to Xbox 360 is noticeable but it doesn't mean the games are all going to be better. The Wii has a very small change in its graphics but people still buy it because of the interaction.

    I also think this is why casual gaming is popular. People play bejeweled not because of its story line but because it is fun. People like Diner Dash not necessarily for its graphics but because it is fun.

    I think the game companies are learning that graphics don't make better games. The jump from Super Nintendo to Nintendo 64 was big. Moving from 2D games to 3D is something very noticeable but now the graphics are only getting a little smoother and a little more detailed. I think this is why Nintendo didn't worry much about a graphical update with their newest system and focused more on how the user interacts with it. They are hoping to bring a change to the way we play games.

    As for the PC, its all still Mouse and Keyboard driven but there are some decent games out there. You should download some demos to games you never heard of or look up smaller companies and show your support by purchasing their game.

    People just seem to trust familiar names. Try exploring the PC games and maybe you'll find a game that is surprisingly fun or that fits all your needs for a game.

    I hope some of this was helpful.

    Good Luck


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  • 1 decade ago

    I know a lot of people still playing Starcraft and Counterstrike and I still have it on my PC... the best games ever, Hardcore gamers prefer gameplay more than graphics like this 2 games, simple yet very competitive... I'm looking forward to play a new game as good as this two or maybe better.

    For me nothing beats the PC when it comes to shooting and strategy games, Aiming and shortcut keys and most of all its upgradable...

    I Installed some games lately you should try it while waiting for a good one...



    -Call of Duty 4

    -2142 Battlefield Online

    -GhostRecon advanced warfighter


    -Project Snowblind


    -WarRock Online


    -Command n' Conquer general zero hour 5.0

    -Command n' Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars

    -War Hammer 40k Dark Crusade

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  • 1 decade ago

    I wouldn't say it's a depression, but since the next gen consoles have recently come out people seem to turn their heads towards those. I hear Oblivion received exceptional reviews so that would be my suggestion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I heard bioshock was pretty good, though it had major technical glitches on the pc. There are always the good multi-platform games available which include the pc

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  • 1 decade ago

    Pc games suck, I only like console games, Pc games are so demanding in requirements and setup

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