Are they really the famous internet detectives ?WWW.HIREHACKER.NET?

do they really help us in catching our cheating spouse?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I always have a problem with any online business that does not have a "About Us" page telling you who they are and where they are located also you would think they would have a portfolio posted with all the awards and citations they have received for their government/police work. All passwords can be cracked but depending on the Bit strength and computer speed some passwords you are looking at decades or longer. I personally would do what Crown suggests and just save the $200 and just install a hidden key logger in spouses computer where you would have a instant record of all their Internet activities and passwords.

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    1 decade ago

    I just did the Whois on this site. They began hacking for passwords using the site on 10, March 2007 though they claim that they have been doing it for years. The site itself is very vague about their capabilities, though they are from India, where many good programmers reside. Also claimed on the site is the ability to track a spouse. Personally, unless they install tracking (keylogger) programs on your system, they have no way of knowing what anyone does on your computer.

    So with all of this said, I would say that they are new, and trying to build a sustainable business. However with a minimum payment of $200 for any password, tracking would probably run in the G's.

    Hope this helps

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