After the bombing of Pearl Harbour, Canada and the US put thousands of Japanese immigrants in detainment camps

They were considered a possible threat to both countries. From 1941 until 1945 they had no freedom in North America.

Why after 9/11 can't we do the same with our enemies

I know population would be a problem but don't we have islands to hold em until this is all settled. I would feel safer.

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    Because after the war, everyone acknowledged what J. Edgar Hoover, alone of all goverment officials, had tried to tell them at the outset--it was a mistake. We locked up tens of thousands of loyal American Citizens, who could have been productive in the production of war material, and thousands of whom did fight with honor and distinction for the US in the 442nd Regimental Combat team and other units in the European theatre.

    It would be even more of a mistake to do it in this war. Islamic, and more dangerously in the long run, Christian Militants are trying to destroy our way of life. They wish to see Democracy fall, to be replaced, first by despots, and then by a reign of religious terror like the one that gave Europe a thousand years of darkness under Christianity and is turning the Middle East into a charnel house now under Islam.

    America, not Muhammad and not Jesus, and certainly not Bush is the Light and Hope of the World. Every time we succumb to Terror and the Politics of Fear and abandon our core values, that beacon burns a little dimmer. Every time that We the People hide under our beds and demand protection from our politicians from the Evil--whoever it is this time, we come a little closer to plunging our Nation and the World into darkness.

    I can remember a time when Americans were a Brave and Free People. Most Canadians still are. We must look beyond our fears to who we were--and who we can and must be again for the sake of all humankind.

    We must rekindle the Flame of Liberty here at home. We must remember that True Patriotism is acceptance of the task. not submission to Authority. We must remember that Liberty cannot be gained or held by giving it away.

    In this most dangerous time, when there are threats all around and within our Nation, the greatest of which is the monster which our own government has become--stand tall Americans. Remember who we are and what we stand for and hold to it throughout the storm ahead.

    Only then will our People shine brightly again. And, as John F. Kennedy said, "The glow from that fire shall surely light the world."

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    You do realize that the majority of those Japanese Americans and Canadians had been living in North America for generations (in Canada, a lot of them since before confederation) and most of them no longer had any ties to Japan or even knew how to speak Japanese? They were forced out of their homes, all their possessions taken away and everything they owned was sold with the proceeds going to the government. The only thing these people had done was be born Japanese and for that they lost everything. You can't honestly believe this was a good thing?

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    4 years ago

    I'm a liberal, and yes, it was VERY wrong. Not all of the Japanese Americans were born in Japan. Many of those interned in the camps were born in the US and had family members who had been living in the US for several generations. I also wonder how many German Americans and Italian Americans were placed in such camps!

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    Look baby, Look at what you have just said!!

    "Put your enemies on an island so that you will feel safe"

    Don't you know that enemies are pronounced by both side of the parties??

    If you call them enemies, they most likely will call you enemy!!!

    How would you like it if the so called enemy be the one to put you on an island then have someone put him on an island and so on and so forth??

    Get real, one man's meat is another man's poison!!!

    Forget about the Pearl Harbour bombing and Japanese involvement.

    Wait until Japan discovered such U.S or Canadian Citizens in their country, I bet they will follow the lead the U.S gave them.

    I think we are totalling to the brink of the Fourth world war!!!

    Peace and stability is a rumour carried by enemies, spread by fools and accepted by the ignorants, without first weighing its credibility!!!

    If you want peace, Prepare for war!!!

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    This just means youre very racist and sterotypical! or you don't understand these people (and we usually fear things we dont undestand) and just because someone looks a certain way or their people did something wrong does not mean they are all alike or have the same views!!! I feel like they are just as American as you or I and they have the same rights as us!!! And if this was the case we should have encamped Germans also...and I think if YOU had some type of mental couseling WE would all be safer!!!!

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    Give best answer to Madpol1. I am French, and that's the real voice of the America I love, the one that knows what "freedom" really means. The America that fought for that freedom during WW2 and that helped liberate my people in Europe.

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    1 decade ago

    I actually agree with you, the enemies of America should be locked up. Let's start with Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly, hell, all of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Michelle Malkin, all of those freedom hating enemies, let's put them into camps! I'm with you! Where do I sign up to help round them up?

  • Don P
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    1 decade ago

    You've got to be kidding, right?

    Maybe we should throw our enemies - or anyone suspected of being our enemy - or anyone who disagrees with us for that matter - into prison?

    Some terrorist sympathizers are Caucasian Americans who've converted to militant Islam. Maybe we should lock up all Caucasian Americans?

    Good idea. I nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize!

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    Because it was a terrible thing to do, and it didn't protect us. If anything it created a reason for Japanese Americans to turn on us.

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    Well, the USA considers those actions a shameful blot on our history and as you hopefully know, reparations were paid to those whose rights were so horrifically violated.

    Why do you want to be a fascist? Because you let the evil, lying, theiving, torturing, mass murder ganster in the White House scare you with his propaganda?

    Shame on you. You are a lousy excuse for an American citizen.

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