benign cyst behind 7 month old's eye?

my little boy had an MRI scan last week as he keeps getting a swelling above his left eye.

we saw a consultant yesterday who said he has a benign cyst behind the eye. it may grow but it wont shrink but they wont remove it til he's 2 years.

to be honest, i didnt take it all in so i called my health visitor to explain it and she's away til monday and i cant see anyone til then.

does anyone know anything about this type of thing? just in the meantime

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    I have honestly dealt with a situation like this. But I think if was a critical situation you would have been giving different instructions. If he is only 7 mo and can wait til 2 yrs It's not an urgent situation. I wish your family all the best threw this rough time and as rough as it may be remember god would never give you anything he thinks you cannot handle.'

    Best wishes

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    1 decade ago

    Trust the consultant for now and wait to talk to your health advisor on Monday. If it was something truly threatening the consultant would have recommended some kind of immediate action. Don't take anything you read here too seriously (I for instance have only an ER, Northern Exposure and St Elsewhere medical degree.) You certainly can't expect that anyone wandering around Yahoo Answers is going to know more than your consultant. He probably wants to wait until your baby is 2 so there is more development of the area before attempting any kind of exploration.

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  • 1 decade ago

    To be honest I hope no one answers this in a stupid way that is going to get you worrying all weekend!!! Personally too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing!

    I know it is hard for you not to want to know all the in's and out's of it but suggest strongly you focus on the fact that if it had been anything 'nasty' that baby of yours would have been whisked away and under anaesthetic by now!!

    Be patient....have trust that it is nothing horrible....and wait to speak to the professionals.

    On a personal note: My son had choroid plexus cysts which took up much of his brain space before he was born. We were offered an abortion at 20 weeks but I refused to believe that my son wasn't worth holding matter what.....

    Anyways....we didn't need to worry because by 26 weeks the cysts had shrivelled to almost nothing. Point is....have a little faith in your child and your Dr's.

    Cysts that are benign are often only a problem if they affect a nearby organ, such as eye's, kidneys, brain etc.

    I should imagine that they are only concerned if the cyst continues to grow and puts pressure on the nerve at the back of the eye which could affect the eyesight. Or they may be concerned it could grow and invade behind the frontal skull and cause pressure on the brain. I am sure though that your little lad will be absolutely fine. They will monitor it closely until his body is old enough to cope with the operation. The time they delay also gives them a chance to monitor it for growth. They will probably give you regular appointments if it starts a rapid growth cycle. If it does you will be the one who will notice it first so they are likely to ask you to be aware of its size, shape and any other changes you notice.

    Any operation on a child has risks. I am sure they are waiting to see because they don't want to risk anything with your precious little boy!

    Best of luck and keep thinking to yourself it will be fine!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm so sorry about this

    I hope your son is feeling better soon!

    If i was you i would have a look on the NHS website to find out more info on this

    They have a health encyclopedia where you can read up on benign cysts

    sorry i couldn't be more helpful

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