Is it really true it's safer to fly in a plane than drive a car?

Am a very rational person, and have read every statistics possible regarding airplane flying deaths vs car driving deaths. They all seem ok, until you rationalize there are far more car trips than airplane trips in the whole world, so all seems very conviniently manipulated... Does anybody out there really know a PERCENTAGE number, which is based on the amount of flights/passengers/deaths in airplane trips compared to the same basis regarding car trips? That would sound like a far better comparison...

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    Although I cannot tell you the exact numbers, deaths by car have a much higher percentage than deaths by plane.

    The flip side to this is that if you are in a car wreck, odds are that you will live through it. However in a plane crash, you are very likely to die.

    These numbers come from the total number of estimated passengers traveling by car vs. the total estimated airplane passengers.

    The bottom line is that for every thousand cars you have on the road, you may have up to 50 accidents. For every thousand planes, it is a really bad year to have even one crash. You are much safer in the air.

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    I don't know whether anyone will have a percentage like that for you. But it seems pretty reasonable to assume that flying is safer than hitting the road. There are many thousands of flights daily and only very occasional accidents and that is because there isn't as much traffic in the air as on the roads, you have to be very well trained to be a pilot and everything is very controlled from the actual state of the airplanes to the rather controlled way they work. As for cars, anybody can drive (even though you should have a driver's license but it's not the same as being a pilot), traffic is confusing, cars are never as controlled as an airplane and people tend to drive dangerously one way or another. There is an enormous number of car crashes daily around the world. In comparison, the number of plane accidents is very, very small. I do see your point but I really believe that driving is actually more dangerous than flying. And I hope you won't stop driving or flying because of that... :)

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    to the first answer

    The bottom line is that for every thousand cars you have on the road, you may have up to 50 accidents. For every thousand planes, it is a really bad year to have even one crash. You are much safer in the air.

    every thousand cars you have 50 accidents in which many of them are non casualties. so say theres 2 casualties per car that's 100 deaths. for every 1000 plane trips theres 1 accident where as many as 300 will perish.sure there are more auto accidents than plane crashes but look at the big picture here. there are more casualties per plane accident. so 1 airplane accident is equivalent to approx. 300 car crashes or a little less seeing that most likely everyone on board the plane has their own the math doesn't add up for the first answerer.another thing most auto deaths can be avoided. careless driving, drinking and driving ,showing off for friends.ive been driving for over 30 years.i am 47 with 1 auto accident where I killed a baby deer. no one in the car was injred I maintained the car to a safe area. I drive safely. I dotn cut other cars off I do not speed. I look left right and center before proceeding through the intersection. and im confident when driving. I would rather drive to my destination then to fly. when you fly you are powerless,you will know you will die and that last minute before it crashes is the longest minute because you know you will only have a minute left to live. when I drive I can swerve around a potential accident and in most cases I may dad is 78 hes been driving all his life and he has never been in a auto accident,same with my mother and family members because they drive responsibly. oh and the amount of casualties of auto accidents per year in the US are over 42 thousand? omg if that was the case then why today there are 360 million people in the usa years before there was less. shouldn't there be less today then before?there is more people in the us than ever. it doesn't make sense.

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    Actually if you look at this from a purely statistical standpoint, the answer is no. How many airplanes fly each year? (not number of flights) The largest carriers in the US (United, American, Delta, Southwest, etc) operate between 200 and 600 planes, so it is safe to surmise the total number of planes operating in the US is around 6000. Taking a quick look at the incident reports from the FAA there have been over 5000 since the 70's. This means that 83% of the aircraft in the US have been involved in "incidents." Of these incidents 1436 caused fatalities. That means that almost 25% of all planes in the US has been involved in an incident with at least one fatality.

    Whereas if you look at automobiles in the US only, to save a headache on calculations, there are more than 200 million cars in the US. Each year there are nearly 200,000 automobile accidents with 42,643 fatalities. Respectively there are roughly 10% of the US cars involved in some sort of accident, and only 2.13% of people involved in any type of accident are killed.

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    the each year dying toll from street site visitors injuries interior the U. S. is around 40000, no longer 414000, so because it is the 1st statistic you have have been given incorrect. the 2nd piece of undesirable information is that extra desirable than 50% of motorists have faith they're extra perfect than effortless, that's impossible. until you have a complicated employing certificates, as I even have, the likeliest risk is which you're purely an effortless motorist. The third piece of undesirable information is that even in case your employing customary have been intense, you may nevertheless be uncovered on the line to the silly and on occasion risky events of others. The 4th piece of undesirable information is that "risk-free drivers are a million million circumstances much less probable to become in touch in an coincidence" is a statistic you purely made up. consistent with motor vehicle-mile you will continuously be safer in an plane of a good commercial airline.

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    Sorry, I don't really know a percentage number on flights/passengers/deaths, but its probably safer to fly in a plane then in a car, because there are a lot more car accidents then plane accidents.

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    No, I don't know.

    But good point.

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