When a motorcycle question is asked ........?

..........and allowed to go to voting, would you go and vote on those same questions you answered (or missed maybe)? Or would you just leave it and maybe, just maybe it would get decided on by someone else?


It's not for the points I was just wondering.

Some people had asked legitimate questions, and maybe their lack of knowledge, didn't know if that was the correct answer (or near enough to be correct), so to help resolve an unresolved question, I find it helpful to vote on the answers given (or vote that no answer was given), and I was wondering what, you do or how you felt.

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    I agree with Jim. Points, who cares? I do not even know what they are good for. I have been in the motorcycle business 52 years, riding 55. Have been a dealer a couple of times. But my love is major repair. So, I run a motorcycle machine shop. Do not make a lot of money, but sure try to make a lot of people happy, by fixing bikes others write off. Old or new- the same to me. Main gripe is poor help, in these parts, non-existant. I read Answers, started out rather kin to a comic strip, some of the answers, So, I started answering questions on real problem, where I felt I could help. If the question is too vague, or is obvious, I let it go I do this, as I feel a lot of guys want and need help, and this is the best I can give them. I think we have a few other really qualified guys answering also, hope to see a lot more. I really dislike the smart answers, and dumb questions.


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    To me this site is akin to taking a putt with some friends and at one of the stops you're all talking about a problem one of you had with their bike. Sound familiar? You get a lot of different answers and opinions on what might be wrong and how to fix it. There may be one that seems to be right on target but just in case you've got a couple other places to look.

    I've been riding and into bikes for over 34 years and during that time I've done all my own maintenance, a little fabrication and some custom work and performance upgrades. But I'm not one to split the cases. There are those much more experienced than I am and I applaud their time and input on this site. If I think I have a good idea of what might be the problem I put my two cents in. If someone already made my point I vote on the one, in my opinion, was the closest and most complete answer.

    As far as points I think they are detrimental. Someone working for points may, even unconsciously, not be in line with the spirit this site, I feel, was intended.

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    A little of both at times.

    All along I said I never gave a hoot about points. I guess it's starting to show, as that "top contributor" thing seems to have gone.

    Added: Once in a while I'll look back and if I see one I missed answering (or passing on) I'll vote, or if my answer would have been very different, put it in the comments. To be truthful, I don't worry about it. The asker has left it there and it could be for any reason.

  • 1 decade ago

    When I answer a question I just leave it at that ,if it gets picked as best answer then great ,But hardly ever go back to a question that I have already answered ,I will from time to time vote as I'm reading answers ,Sometimes you read some funny a*s*s sh*it on here .People become top contributers for best answers because they are answering questions in category's that nobody else hardly ever goes to ./peace

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I go with most of the guys in here. I don't care about the points. I answer to the best of my knowledge and hope that I am right and that my answers help someone. I've been stuck so many times myself over the years that I just want to help other 'bikers out of a jam.

  • 1 decade ago

    I try to keep a watch on the questions I answer, and if the question goes to voting, I read all the answers and vote for the best one (and that is usually the one that answers the question, not necessarily mine)

  • 1 decade ago

    I read the answers and I sometimes vote if I see a bad answer - and good too.

    Reguardless I always have something to add , or a better answer

    Well at least I think it's better

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  • bill b
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    1 decade ago

    I don't vote on any questions.

    I could care less about points, they don't count for anything.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't game for points, so I don't care what happens.

    I just offer advice, free of charge, to help when I can.

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