How many agree or disagree with this?

Heard this thought it was kind of funny. One of the men shop griping and moaning about getting stopped by a motorcycle cop and got a speeding ticket, then he was given a misdeamor verbal assault on a police officer ticket for arguing with the cop

One of the men at work commented Boy what is wrong with you don't you know you don't argue with a motorcycle cop who has a tube of preparation in his shirt pocker.


This is for Terry S. That had gone on for about two hours the guy would not shut up about it and we were all sick of listening to his complaining about the tickets.

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    Well that's the sure sign of a Nice,Friendly Officer.

    If that sounds odd,,remember that the BAD Cops Don't carry

    Anything like Prep H,,,KY Jelly,,,,Vaseline,,,etc,etc.

    You DO realize WHO that stuff is for,right?

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    Yes, cops can be really hard, but if your nice to them they might let you off.

    Hubby has now manage to talk his way out of 2 fines which would have seen him with an INSTANT loss of license, and all he says is "No excuses, I was doing the wrong thing" then they end up talking about bikes in general, his bike and how he manages to keep it looking brand new, the problems encountered whilst riding and then he gets let off with a warning, not to mention a reminder that if he does 30 over the set speed limit it is an instant loss of license.

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    Kind of a random comment to make....

    Like state troopers, motorcycle cops are trained to be *****. It is supposed to be a big deal to become a motor cop and they know it. Don't argue with them. They already think you are worthless.

    I tell them I work for the local Harley Davidson dealership and they usually leave me alone.

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    1 decade ago

    That reminds me of the time I was riding back from the ranch and got pulled over for speeding.

    As the cop was writing me up he kept swatting at the flies circling around his head saying "Damn Flies!"

    I said "Yep those circle flies can be pretty annoying"

    He says" Circle flies, is that what you call them?"

    I told him "Yeah, they usually circle around piles of horse $hit"

    The cop says" Are You Calling Me A $hit Head!!"

    I told him " No sir, officer, I have far too much respect for our Law Enforcement Officers to ever say such a thing".

    Pretty hard to fool them circle flies though.

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    I must have missed something here because I didn't understand a word you said ,Somebody fill me in /peace

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    I don't argue with cops either, they're nice enough to scrap my friends corpses off the road when they crash doing 120.

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    Almost had it! Preparation "H"

    Still funny though.

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