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who died in harry potter and the deathly hallows?

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    mad eye moody is one person who dies

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    In order of death:

    Charity Burbage


    Alastor Moody

    Rufus Scrimgeour

    Bathilda Bagshot

    Ted Tonks

    Dirk Cresswell


    Gellert Grindelwald



    Remus Lupin

    Nymphadora Tonks

    Vincent Crabbe

    Severus Snape

    Fred Weasley

    Colin Creevey


    Bellatrix Lestrange


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    the first to die was Hedwig.

    then Moody was killed by Voldemort.

    George got his ear cut off by Snape.

    Then Scrimgeour

    We find out that bathilda bagshot has been dead for some time.

    Then Ted Tonks.

    Dobby is killed by Bellatrix.

    Then Crabbe, Draco's friend is killed by a fire.

    Fred Weasly is killed by an explosion in the castle.

    Nagini kills Snape.

    Lupin and Tonks died fighting at Hogwarts.

    Voldemort kills Harry...sort of.

    Then Colin Creevy.

    Neville kills Nagini with the sword.

    Mrs. Weasly kills Bellatrix.

    And, well, truethfully Voldemort kills himself. But we will give the victory to Harry.

    and i think thats all the important ones.

    it fees strange knowing that we have no new Harry Potter books to look forward to every year.

    Source(s): Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.
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    muggle studies teacher Burbage killed be Voldemort

    Hedwig killed by a Death Eater

    Mad-eye killed by a Death Eater

    Tonk's father killed by Death Eaters

    the minister of magic Scrimgeour killed by Voldemort and Death Eaters

    Wormtail killed by his own silver hand

    Dobby killed by Bellatrix LeStrange

    Crabbe by his own 'cursed fire' spell

    Fred killed by a Death Eater at the final battle at Hogwarts

    Lupin (not specified, killed at the final battle)

    Tonks (side by side with her husband Lupin)

    Snape killed by Voldemort

    Colin Crevey by Death Eaters at the final battle

    Bellatrix Lestrange killed by Mrs. Weasley.

    Harry dies/goes into dream state?? then revives/awakes

    Voldemort killed by who else; Harry.

    And about 50 students at Hogwarts names not specified.

    Harry marries Ginny have 3 kids (Albus Severus, James and Lily) but also watches over his godson Teddy (Tonks/Lupins child)

    Ron marries Hermione have 2 children. (Rose and Hugo)

    Malfoy marries and has one child. (Scorpius)

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    Mad Eye

    Colin Creevy

    That's all I can remember

    OH and Voldemort!!

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    if you really want to know..

    go to this site :(

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