Global Domains International a scam or not?

I noticed a number of answers stating that GDI is a scam or rip-off. I would like to here from those who joined GDI and came to the above referenced conclusion. And if possible give me details of your experience.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    what do you mean a scam--- the .ws is legit

    the domain is legit i dont know if there money making bull **** is legit--

    it is prob pretty real though i did not look at it but a little comon sense and you can tell

    for example

    a while back i saw some bogus site that reviewed free products

    i was like what the hell is this then i clicked an advertismenti

    and i was like holy **** who ever mad this site mad a site so bad that who ever went to the site would just click an advertisment

    so i was like i will give it a shot

    go check out

    this is my bogus site

    but when ever you click an ad i make 50 cents your thinking woohoo one click is 50 cents this site has been up for about 3 yrs now in the begining i put my link on maybe 20 other pages a day for a few months now i try to put this link on one other web site a day and yesterday i made 190.95 with google adsense nothing major but a good 2nd income

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