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E Coli Bladder Infection In Himalayen Male Cat?

I am going round and round with two vets and still my cat is ill. We had his urine tested, found some blood and bacteria so was put on 2 weeks of Zeniquin. After two weeks he still had bacteria, so a culture was done. It was done by a needle extracation of urine from bladder so the culture was pure. It showed only one organism, which was E Coli. Apparently, it is the most common germ to cause bladder infections in people and animals.. However, the only drugs that showed sensitive to it (effective) were Clavamox (which he can not take as he vomited all weekend from it and has done so before when taking it for other things) the second one was 3rd generation Cephalexin (not regular cephalexin) which is 100 dollars for only 8 pills and has to be compounded, the last was Nitrofurantoin, which when I asked my vet (and four other vets) what side effects were he said "I have no idea, he had never used it nor had any other vet. Has anyone used it on their cat? Side effects? Safety? Thanks

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