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why wont my cat stop meowing???? Help! I am going mad!?

My cat is about 7 monthsold, but he wont stop meowing,I feed him, give him water, let him play outside, I give him anything his heart desires, a lot a attention etc. But he wont stop meowing!!!! day and night , there is not a minute that goes by that he is quiet, he has not been neutered yet. help, what must I do?? If I hit him softly or yell at him, he still wont stop

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    DON'T hit an animal for communicating, rather find him another home if that's your response to it. As much as it drives you insane, all that does is show the cat that he cannot communicate with you, that it's bad to do so.

    I am assuming that you have taken him past the vet and that the vet cannot find a physical cause for this? As with most behavioral problems there is always the underlying possibility that it stems from some physical ailment. It is important to rule this out before treating any behavioral problem.

    Excessive meowing can be most annoying when we are trying to sleep. Some cats have the habit of meowing and/or scratching in front of the bedroom door until we let them in. The first rule of thumb is do not respond directly to the cat’s meowing. The cat is doing this to get your attention. Getting up to see what the cat wants, shushing or yelling at the cat is the worst thing to do because you are reinforcing the undesirable behaviour by giving the cat attention. Your attention is its reward. The easiest solution is to get a pair of earplugs. If you do not respond to the cat’s meowing it will probably stop within a few days.

    If that does not work, you can try some of the following tips:

    · Keep your cat extra busy during your waking hours and especially in the evening with toys, extra play etc. This will help it sleep when you sleep.

    · Squirting – Have a spray bottle ready and when your cat wakes you with its meowing wait behind your closed door. At the very next meow, spray the cat’s paws from under the door. The cat will learn to associate this behaviour with a squirting.

    · Alarms and compressed air devices – These are products available in most pet stores that either make a loud noise or shoot compressed air when the cat passes by an area it’s not supposed to.

    It is important to know that some cat breeds are just naturally more vocal than others. These breeds include the Balinese, Burmese, Cornish rex, Japanese Bobtail, Korat, Siamese, and Tonkinese.

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    I have 4 cats, I'm having trouble with one which we rescued from the wild, for the pass month she has not stopped meowing . I have questions to ask you, when you get home do you call for your cat? Do you meow at her? Because if you call for your cat she in return is calling for you, i think maybe when you get home and she calls, you don't answer her or give her attention. With mine we kept meowing at her because she couldnt meow property and now she thinks that what she should do. I wouldn't get her a new play mate, because cats are very territorial maybe get a stuffed toy or buy the cat a cat climbing thing. Something to take her attention away from you. If that doesn't work, maybe give her attention when you get up but don't over cuddle her.

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    Get him neutered that will 99% probably stop the crying. He is crying for a female in heat to find him.

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    if it stops meowing when you hold him then find out his favorite place to sleep and sit and put a ticking clock beside him, this not a joke, he will shut up trust me, if it didn't work the you should get him another cat

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    He's crying for help. Have you taken him to the vet yet to rule out any physical problem?

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    if he is an inside cat, perhaps he "smells" a female cat in heat and wants to go outside. they can act weird at a time like that.

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    Take him to a vet. He has got some psychological problems.

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    Maybe you can get one of those bark collars they have for dogs. You know, the kind that shock the dog when they bark. See if they have a small one or something.

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    set him on fire he`ll stop meowing I`m kidding take him to the vet or trade him for a dog.

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    get a dog

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