Best Friends or Worst Enemys?

They say keep your friends close and your enemys closer? Why is that? and how do you know your friends aren't the ones out there attempting to hurt you? Is life complicated or is it just me??

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    1 decade ago
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    I see what youre saying about friends backstabbing. And the answer to your question (as brutal as it sounds) dont trust anybody. You cant these days regardless of past history or present times you can't trust your best friend, life is competition there will always be somone out there to compete wit you regardless of relationships. Just watch your back and do you, dont let anyone stand in your way!

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    You're thinking too much. Life isn't "Mean Girls." Just watch how someone acts long enough and you will be able to tell.

    If they constantly make themselves the center of everything they talk about, they probably would do anything to suit themselves. If they spread any little rumor about other people, they are likely to do it to you. If they will steal from others, they will steal from you. It's really pretty simple.

    The idea behind keeping your enemies closer is that you want them where you can WATCH them. That way, you don't have to worry about a knife in the back.

    Handshakes began as a way that two strangers could demonstrate they did not carry a weapon. This is the basis for trust.

    Don't surround yourself with people you can't trust. If not sure, then give someone a meaningless task that will prove their trustworthiness.....a harmless secret, an obligation to meet you somewhere at a time when you know it might not be convenient....but then....can they trust you?

    Look for good people, and hang out with good people. Period.

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    1 decade ago

    1. Friendship is a form of love.

    2. The opposite of love is not hatred - it is apathy; therefore,

    3. Hatred and friendship are similar (you are involved with the "other" person in either case.

    You can trust your enemies more than you can trust your friends.

    With friends, there is always the chance of betrayal, which will hurt you a lot. (So you are vulnerable with your friends. So it makes sense to keep them at a bit of a distance)

    Enemies are more predictable. You KNOW that they will always act to betray you. Because you know this, you can hold them closer to you because the risk of betrayal isn't there.


    1. You hold your enemies closest because they cannot hurt you with their expected betrayal(and you want to keep an eye on them)

    2. You hold your friends at a distance farther away than your enemies because they may betray you.

    3. You recognize that your friends and enemies are the only ones you want to keep an eye on because they are the only ones you have an interest in.

  • MW
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    1 decade ago

    Life is complicated, but assuming you know your relationships with others well enough to know who your friends and enemies are, you should keep your friends close as you normally would keep a friend, but keep closer to your enemies in an effort to protect yourself and know what they are up to. Hope this helps! ;-)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't really know, but what I think is that you would really want to have more friends than enemys! So try to be nice or don't say anything mean to your enemys, and maybe they will become your friend! But I know what you mean...Life is a big bowl of confusion.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because, You expect an enemy to hurt you....but, a Friend can hurt you worse as they know you "up close" and you won't expect it.

    Yes, life can be complicated.... Remember this:

    Life may not be fair......but it is "just".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    life is complicated for sure.

    but the saying means that you need to watch your back

    from your enemies because i mean come on

    you don't want to be clueless about anything that's

    going to happen.

    and you can't trust all of your friends

    and knowing they want to hurt you in a way is hard

    just be careful with it all

    and you'll know when you have a true friend or not.

    hope i could give you advice that works.

  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly, friends are very important to me.I have lost many and also gained lots. You will learn in life that a good friend is there for you when you need her but a best friends will be there so much that you don't really need her as much as you thought you did.You have to have a really close friend to trust them enough to know that they will not backstab you. I hope it helps,i have learned from experience. <33

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes its true i had a friend for 15 yrs and i should of known i got her a job where i worked and then she got me fired so b careful how u choose ur friends cause ur enemies can be closer than u think

  • 3 years ago

    Enemy. i does no longer opt to loose a buddy over it. additionally, the enemy could advance right into a buddy after the ordeal via fact you are able to sort a bond with them by way of teamwork to get out alive.

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