Who is our Best Friend...& ..who is our worst Enemy ??(Spirituality)?

On the Path of Truth, who is our best friend and worst enemy ?

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    1 decade ago
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    Let me try and get really philosophical.

    On the path to truth, BOTH our best friend and worst enemy is OURSELVES (depending on how we utilise ourselves).

    Remember that there is only reality and that is ourselves. Everything else that we PERCEIVE to be a best friend or a worst enemy is only PERCEPTION OF MATTER and according to Hinduism ALL MATTER IS ILLUSION (maya).

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    As Time magazine put it... YOU!

    You can be your own worst enemy and curse the dark; or your own best friend and light a candle. But no one or no thing on the outside of you can MAKE you spiritual or non spiritual, can MAKE you happy or unhappy.

    So, ask your best friend and your worst enemy to join you somewhere quite and have a nice long talk about your future (but make sure, no one else is in the room with you).

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    i am still learning but all that i can say is that...

    there is truth in everything...so in the path of truth all negative as well as the postives aspects of life, emotions, consciousness etc..are necessary...you gain knowledge from everything..even from your mistakes and blunders. So i think if everything teaches us some bit of truth then there is no point of having a best friend or a worst enemy.

    If there is a worst enemy...then someday even that would help us to gain true knowledge.

    as i said i am a beginner...i still have to experience to define Truth's best friend or worst enemy.

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    1 decade ago


    Your ego can be your best friend or worst enemy.... it can work for you in the world but against you in your spiritual life (and in this healing process). If it is the materially minded ego that is running your life, it must take the materially minded ego to finally choose to be reconnected to the higher self. The material ego will not easily or willingly surrender or relinquish this control and power until it reaches a point where it becomes aware of its immense limitations, being so dysfunctional and incapable of even "thinking its way out of a paper bag" (people in recovery programs speak of this). When the ego realizes its own powerlessness, and sees itself running your life into the ground (destroying you and everything and everyone around you)... when you have finally reached bottom and the only place you can go is up, only then is the ego ready to surrender and ask for and receive help from the Higher Power (since the ego must learn "Humility", this help often must be found through a human channel).

    As children, though our earthly parents tried to wisely guide our ego choices, they too were limited and trapped by their own material egoic devices and couldn't always be our shining ideal (however divine or flawed your earthly parents were, they did what they were karmicaly destined to do). There comes a point in every child's life when the realization hits -> our earthly parents cannot be our spiritual guides. For the spiritual soul, this is the time when the journey starts... when we begin to search for someone who may guide us on the path (leading to our own Inner Selves). It becomes the healers’ task to assist and redirect you to the "Inner Door" of your Heart, where eventually you may come to realize your own inner parent - your spiritual warrior - that impeccable master.-

    Source(s): -copied and pasted from http://www.spiritportal.org/ego.html
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  • 4 years ago

    No! Every human that is born has an everlasting soul. It's what makes us unique from other life forms and animals. When an animal dies they go to sleep forever! A human has a soul which lives on in a spiritual dimension without time or a physical body. You live in the here and now forever (eternal). The spiritual world is free of the physical boundaries and you will get to find out what reality is really about. The earth has a beginning and an end, spiritual world is forever! Man also has to give account for his wrongs, because in addition to our soul we have a conscience. We have the ability to choose right from wrong. Animals only live by instinct. They are innocent, they can do no wrong and are not accountable. Humans are accountable, not only on earth to the authorities or governing powers, but in the afterlife by the creator or judge. We have to answer for what we did which brings up the subject of heaven or hell. Evil doers and those who choose to do mostly wrong are probably headed for a Dark place. But those who did right, and were sorry for the mistakes and sins they made will probably be headed for the light (paradise). There is no reincarnation. That is a fairy tale, wishful thinking of those who believe in it.

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    The spirit of self-enquiry is our best friend on the path of truth because, but for this, nothing else can lead to self-realisation and consequent truth. Our worst enemy is our indulgence in senses in a manner that creates spiritual sloth because it forecloses all possibilities.

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    1 decade ago

    Your best friend is one who understands your goal and will help in the capacity they can (so best is maybe changing from day to day). Your worst enemy is one who sells you something under the guise that it is what you seek - that person is a liar. Strangely, everybody's selling something (but they don't all suppose it to be "the truth" - sometimes people are just trying to sell you vinyl replacement windows).

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    1 decade ago

    It is simple mate.Our best friend on the path of Truth is the one who will help us find the truth and will sacrifice even his friendship to help us succeed.On the other hand,our worst Enemy is the one who will do everything to disorientate from achieving our spiritual goal...

  • 1 decade ago

    Ofcourse the MIND. john milton an english poet has

    rightly said, MIND CAN MAKE A HELL OF A HEAVEN


    Tame the mind and it is your best friend, let loose the mind

    then it is your worst enemy.

  • 1 decade ago

    "Truth is a pathless land" (there is no predetermined path).

    "There are as many paths as there are pilgrims."

    The best friend (helpful state) is the still mind and the enemy (pitfall) is mental modification or the drifting mind. "Mind is the slayer of the real. Slay the slayer".

    Source(s): J Krishnamurti & H P Blavtsky
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