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How many people believe that going "green" is going to slowdown, if not stop global warming?

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    I have never thought GW was man induced, and I doubt the Man part of the holes in the Oz layer. Still, there is this thing about desertification to be alarmed about.

    in forests, the areas that had been unincrouched upon knowd as meadows were suddenly having trees growing into those areas. This is what should be happening around all tree zones, the expansions of forests and jungles, relying on old trees for much of the benifits. But deforestation is causing desertification, and that is a problem, deserts are not so good at supporting living systems.

    Global Warming should actually be called the Tropic Age. As we are no longer in the Ice Age, we should be in the Tropic Age, but we are arcing into a desert age instead, that is where we should be concerned.

    The solution, besides planting as many trees as possible, is to desalinate water from the oceans and send the harvested water to the desert lands and high mountains to expand and keep the tree zones in tact, thus countering the dilution of the oceans due to ice melts.

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    I think global warming is just natural climate change. I haven't seen any conclusive proof that this propaganda about humans causing the destruction of the Earth is true. Actually, the proponents of this propaganda aren't bright enough to realize that their own blatant hypocrisy hurts their cause more than anything. That being said, I have no problem with "living green" to a certain extent. I do recycle as much as possible, I have tried the new longer lasting light bulbs, I try not to waste energy however I'm not giving up my pickup for anything. I do these things because I was brought up to not be wasteful. If it helps the planet survive a few more seconds, great, but I don't expect it's going to make much difference.

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    Nobody likes pollution, and we should try to stop polluting the lakes and rivers as best as we can. But, I have a hard time believing that humans can control the earth on the scale that environmentalists suggest. We are just not that many.

    Al Gore's documentary said that sea levels will rise to cover most of Florida. He only mentioned in passing that this would be the result of the ENTIRE CONTINENT of Antartica melting!! The world temperature would have to rise about 50 degrees for that to happen.

    And anyone want to put in a new solar panel? For a midsized house with 100 Amp service, you are looking at $108,000 to $120,000!!! Might as well buy a new house!

    check it out:


    Scare tactics are not a good way to convince people to be earth friendly, Mr. Gore.

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    IT Wont unless we invest in:

    Underground Cities

    Undersea cities


    Home solar.

    Change lifestyles


    Home business.

    Smart Housing & Cities.

    Mass Transit iE 200 Mph Subway from LA to Sacramento CA.

    Cities on the Sea

    More Greenspaces.

    Recycling Cars, Materials, Planes more.

    Waste into Fuel

    Hydrogen Hwy

    Space Solar Power.

    Tree houses, 100 people living in trees.

    Ships powered by Computer controlled Sails.

    Nuclear Power.

    Geothermal from the Sea (off HI).


    Source(s): trendhunter.com-Eco trends.
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    go green anyway we should take care of our home base ,on which we are stuck for still quite a while

    global warming cannot be stopped but we can stop helping it becoming faster,and being friendlier to out Environment cannot be bad

    if you do any cleaning up leave signs behind saying who cleaned,why and ask people not to start dumping rubbish again ,leave a hole or bins ,in case people come with trash ,

    we have done a lot of comunity cleaning and if you dont leave alternatives or try to work on peoples guilt feelings (some people actually have those ,but not many)

    than your efforts are a waste of time.

    these are Al gores sites





    if you want to help the planet ,plant a tree every week ,if everyone on the planet did we we would be able to slowdown the destructive processes

    reduce carbon emisions,and they are already working on that by alternative forms of energy and regulations on carbon producing materials,aerosol cans,burning rubbish,industrial chimneys,powerplants etc.

    the capture of carbon and the production of water and assist the aquiferous manta.

    the world bank pays large subsidies for reforrestation to capture carbon and the best tree for this is the Pawlonia

    Waterharvesting projects ,such as millions of small dams.to redirect over ground waterflows from the rains into the ground to supply subteranian water supplies.

    the protection of existing forrests.

    stop building more highways,urban planning to include vegetation stop building cities encourage people to return to the land to conduct their business from there which now has become possible thanks to the internet.

    education to motivate people to auto sufficiency by building more home food gardens.

    education on environmental awareness

    education on family planning to curb over´population

    Agricultural education and improvements to follow the principals or sustainability and soil management.

    more environmental or land ,design to prevent bush fires,such as--fire breaks

    ,more dams.regulations and control for public behaviour

    alternative effeciant public transport to discourage the use of the internal conbustion engine

    recicling wastes,limit water use

    here are a 100 more ways


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    I've said it before the hippies aka baby boomer have destroyed the planet and they are trying to pass the blame instead of taking responsibility for there actions (ever see pics of Woodstock after everyone left like a huge garbage dump) now they are old and need there kids to take care of them and are shifting the blame of what THEY did to us! i do believe that global warming is real but i also think the world can and will fix its self weather its from the ozone layer opening to release gasses to huge storms wiping out millions we are way overpopulated as it stands!

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    Doesn't really matter whether we caused global warming or not. We have to slow it down or it's gonna really screw up the economy and real estate values, not to mention people's lives.

    That doesn't require sacrifice. Much the opposite, it requires economic expansion. More money, better stuff.

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    There is nothing wrong with going 'green'. Less pollution and conservative use of resources is a good thing, of course. To tie it to the absurd speculation that the earth is somehow heating up because of our fuel usage will only discredit the advocates of going 'green'.

  • haha, idk how anyone even believes in man-made global warming

    people are just plain ridiculous

    environmentalist do more harm then good

    they claim that buying carbon offsets will make their actions justified with their theory of "going green"

    im sick of it

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