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Do you find maintaining and cleaning your motorcycle relaxing?

I have to admit I actually feel great relaxed, inspired & dying to go for that all important ride of the day after a good clean & polish of my ride, hate cleaning the car, yet I will polish the bike until it shines like a (fairly) new penny. (It is a 2nd hand bike with some body work damage done by the previous owner but that said, still looks good.)

So what about you?


I know the silly operator at the keyboard managed to hit the wrong section, so let's just change the motor part and make it your bicycle because someone must enjoying making sure their ride (bicycle) is in tip-top shape before using it?

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    My bikes MUST be in top condition at all times. There is nothing like the feeling of a bike running perfectly, and when the only sound you hear while riding is the soft hiss of the tires on pavement, it's a beautiful thing!

    Besides, when I work on my bike I KNOW it's been done right, and never worry that something will break or come loose.

    Nice save to your question, BTW. Maybe if the brain-dead douchebags at Yahoo would pull their collective heads out of their gaping rectums and rename this category like dozens of people have already requested, then this simple confusion would cease to happen.

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    1 decade ago

    i dont have a motorcycle, but i love making my bike look pretty.

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