What are the 5 greatest motorcycles were ever built?

I recently read an article from the UK magazine "Motorcycle News" (written in Feb 2005) (that Get'M Bikes reproduced for their newsletter) that they conducted a readers poll to determine the top 50 greatest bikes of all time.

Their top 5 consisted of:

1) Ducati 916 (1994-96)

2) Honda CBR900 Fireblade (1992-94)

3) Vincent Black Shadow (1948-55)

4) Yamaha R1 (1998-present day)

5) Honda VFR750 (RC30) (1987-92)

click on the folowing link http://www.girlsonthemove.com.au/content/view/67/5...

and scroll down to Issue 7 June 2005 You have to down load the PDF file but on page 5 you have the full 50 bikes that where chosen by the general public. (If the link doesn't work just type it in).


Great Answers guys, I can see this is going to be tough to find a winning answer

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    If it was made by Harley Davidson , OCC or Jesse James I wouldn't even consider it a motorcycle. If I had to choose five to put in my garage.

    1. Vincent Black Shadow

    2. Ducati 900SS

    3. Kawasaki Z1

    4. Norton Commando

    5. Bimota Tesi

    PS I really don't mind HD's as I have ridden lots. They are just not my thing. Hate narrow minded idiots though.

  • Kmax
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    1 decade ago

    What do they mean by "greatest". There are too many things to consider and you can not have them all in one bike. Any bike that gets into the top 5 or top 50 has to be pretty much average on everything. You just can not have a all around super bike.

    For durability issue nothing can beat a BMW boxer. It holds the world record with 750,000 miles without rebuilding the engine. Goldwing takes the second place with 150,000 miles.

    But Goldwing is probably the most comfortable bike to ride as far as the seat and the sitting position goes. For ease of riding, it is a dream on highway and it sucks in the heavy city traffic.

    And it is not very fast, Hayabusa, ZZR 1400, MV Agusta F4, Aprilia RSV 1000 R, Honda 1100 XX and K1200S rule that arena. And they all suck in city traffic too. You just can not beat a 150 cc scooter in the city.

    Gas mileage, scooters and small bikes rule again. Initial prices and running expenses, scooters rule again.

    Style, grace, strong presence, cult following, definitely Harley. But until the V-Rod, technologically they were not any more advanced than the average lawn mover. (Eventhough I can not fit the V-Rod in the proper Harley picture in my head)

    If we are talking about bikes that had any significance in motorcycle history, then we can talk about Honda CB, Vincent, Triumph, Harley, Vespa, BMW and so on.

    But I bet you, a brand new Hayabusa is a lot more fun to ride, a Goldwing is alot more comfortable, and a BMW is alot more safe feeling than any of these historical monuments.

    There is also the issue of personal prefence. My best bike is definitely my own bike which is a K1200RS. Excellent styling, power, torque, gas mileage, high speed stability, handling and incredible braking. It sucks in the city and it is too heavy for my taste. My 50 cc Honda scooter is a dream for daily city usage

    We can not say, in reality, that a certain bike will or will not still be on the roads 50 years from now. Any bike can last a 100 years or more, that is up to us. Old BMW's, Vespa's, Harley's are still out there because we want them to be. Just like Model T's and my grandmothers 100 years old glass kerosene lamp. (I do not think they had unbreakable glass back then)

  • 1 decade ago

    1.) Honda CBR1000RR

    2.) Ducati 1098

    3.) Yamaha R1

    4.) Aprilia RSV 1000R

    5.) Buell Firebolt XB12R

    Aprilia RS50 is also nice, but not for serious riders. A 50cc bike that can be registered as a moped so no license or insurance is required. 80cc upgrade possible. Looks just like a $15k sport racing bike. Beats some 250cc bikes!!!! I currently own a CBR1000RR, and love it. Never rode anything that handles that well. The R1 amazing. Ninja 250 almost made my list because it is good looking, fuel efficient, cheap and handles like a dream. The Ducati was my second choice but was a little too much bike when I tried one out. Firebolt has a belt drive, 1200cc harley engine, bottom exhaust can, and fuel is stored low, top is just the air box. One of the best handling bikes I've ridden next to the 1000RR

  • 1 decade ago

    Honda CB750

    Vincent Black Shadow

    BSA Rocket 3

    Honda Goldwing

    Kawasaki KZ900, 1000, and all its derivaties

    The Term SuperBike was coined by writers attempting to describe the BSA Rocket 3, after witnessing it run 138mph, and 12.9 in the 1/4 right out of the box. I love mine to death.

    Honda CB750 tops the list for its innovations, its sales totals, its reliability, and its overall contribution to the entire industry

    Vincent Black Shadow, the same as the BSA, set styling, performance and handling benchmarks tthat stood for many years.

    Honda Goldwing, actually is probably the best motorcycle ever constructed. We are talking about a bike that will run 100,000 miles carrying 2 300 lb adults, both bags full of gear, towing a trailer. Add to that the sheer numbers of happy campers that either still ride one, or just recently traded up, knowing they still miss the Wing.

    The KZ series, DOHC 4 cylinders that run forever at white knuckle speeds. go to the Drag strip, and try and beat one.

    Oh sure with a huge wallet, you can trick a Suzuki into a world beater. Or you can take any KZ1000, toss on good rubber and go drag racing.

    The new plasic bikes only have performance goals to strive to beat, there is no style, no loyal following, and show me one 10 yrs old, that anyone would really want.

    Honda VFR???? GIVE ME A BREAK {gagging}

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  • Yesugi
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    1 decade ago

    I've owned 41 motorcycles in my 40 years of riding, and I've ridden quite a few.

    1) Honda CB750 (1969)

    2) BMW R69US (same vintage)

    3) Honda VF750F (1983) or the VF500F (85-87)

    4) Yamaha R1 (modern)

    5) Suzuki RF900 (most under-rated sport cruiser ever, 1994-97)

    Source(s): Owned all but the R1 and 500.
  • 4 years ago

    i'm on my 2d Bandit 1200 streetfighter and that i like it extra desirable than something, yet i admire the six hundred Bandits too. I also have a six hundred Hornet. This motorcycle seems great, is going great and could be great adequate on your physique. an exceedingly great all rounder, Hornet strongly reported, or the six hundred bandit. Sorry, no longer into little race replicas, too plasticy and undesirable on your lower back and wrists, and there is often somebody on an R1 or gsxr one thousand flipping you the poultry whilst they bypass you somewhat while you're merely on a six hundred. in case you somewhat ought to have a "activities" motorcycle, it completely must be the R6, no different decision. different than for that, remember that there is not any such ingredient as a beginners activities motorcycle!

  • 1 decade ago

    1: Honda cb 750 The one that made Japanese motorcycles available to the masses

    2: Vincent Black Shadow Just because

    3: Yamaha XS 650 Has It's own very loyal fan club. Looks of a britbike with the reliabilty of a jap bike

    4: Yamaha 750 Virago Started the Japanese v twin movement

    5: Kawazaki Z-1 Made the name Kawasaki mean horsepower

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    any list that doesn,t include the honda cb750 1969 was composed by jackoffs this bike invented the super bike class and ushered in an era of reliability utility and fun for the masses it was the first full scale production bike with a front disc brake . This bike was ground breaking and not just a mere copy of what had come before . they were raced they comuted they toured this was as close as any bike had ever come to doing it all and thats why when any list of greatest bikes ever built is made inclusion of the 1969 honda cb750 is a foregone conclusion . As for occ boy those bike are made for tv and don't even stay together when ridden I like the show too but be real show me a 35 year old occ bike that still runs down the road ya cant and won't ever be able to .

    Source(s): in 25 years of road time on two wheels ya pickup a few things
  • greg e
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    1 decade ago

    my list would be.

    1:honda cb 750 69-77

    2:Kawasaki z1 73-77 (had one)

    3:Suzuki gt 750 72-77 (had one)

    4:Suzuki rg 500 85-89(had one)

    5:Yamaha rd 350 lc 80-82(still have this one)

    6:Yamaha xt 500 75-82 (had one what a beast)

    7:Honda rc 30 87-92(wanted one)

    8:Honda rc45 94-95(almost had one)

    9:ducati 916 94-96(wanted one and still looking for a good one)

    10:Honda nsr 500 84-01(in my dreams)

    Source(s): 38 years riding and racing
  • 1 decade ago

    Yamaha Seca II

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