what makes Canberra unique from all the other cities in Austalia?

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    Its unique because its the capital city thats gets payed out by its own people who mostly have never even been to the city. Its a great place to live and people just say its boring cause all the pollies are here and most Canberrans couln't give a rats ass about them.

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    1 decade ago

    Canberra is a purpose designed city. It is designed to be an inland Capital for the purpose of defence during times of conflict.

    It has grown into a fantastic city with vibrant and intelligent people, who have the highest level of education and the best pay per capita. Its IT sector is a driving force of the economy.

    It has world class sporting teams, the ACT Brumbies and the Canberra Raiders. Great cafes, parks, arts community, schools and transport system.

    These are amongst the many reasons that Canberra is unique and far superior to Melbourne as the nation's capital.

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    A city full of the following people:

    "Like Edinburgh, the residents of Canberra suffer from severe delusions of grandeur, are obsessed with 'capital' status (i.e. keep shouting that they are the 'capital' at every possible opportunity), are laughed at and despised by the rest of Australia/Scotland, are *only* the seat of government, lack a big city feel, claim 'national' this and that (museums, galleries etc) paid for by Australian/Scottish taxpayers, are up themselves to an unhealthy extent and although thinking (and shouting) that they are the 'capital', know underneath that the real action always takes place in the largest city, Sydney/Glasgow."

    Couple that with some of the most atrocious restaurants, entertainment and public transport of all capital cities.

    In what capital city distance of 8 KM took 80 minute by bus?

    In what capital city, you can't build a shopping mall with a ceiling that last for 4 months?

    In what capital city, you can't even get a taxi to come to your house at 5 AM on Sunday?

    In what capital city, you can't eat dirt cheap food that actually taste good ?

    Then, you have what could simply best be described as one of Australia's biggest mistakes

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    The other cities where all built because they were near something - usually the sea and that was good for trade. Canberra was built for the sole purpose of being the country's captial. (And on a sheep paddock no less which makes it internationally unique...) It is a 'peacemaking' city because it stopped (well, put a stop formally, the arguement still goes on) the fight between Sydney and Melbourne as to who should be capital.

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    It was designed and built in one go, rather than developing over the years as most cities do. It's the most boring city in Australia by far. It has a manmade lake named after the middle name and surname of the architect (Burley Griffin), which is weird enough. The woman who publicly announced the result of the competition to name the new city (I think it was the Governor General's wife) mispronounced it as CanBERRa instead of the correct CANberra. Plus, it's powered by hot air from all the pollies. Most of the land belongs to the Crown (i.e. the Queen) and can only be leased, not bought. That enough?

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    1 decade ago

    Cause its the capital of australia - full of students, public servants and politicians.

    I honestly love the place - cant wait to go back and visit or live one day - I love the weather from one extreme to the next.

    I love the streets lined with different shades of trees.

    Its not too busy, hectic or chaotic like the other cities in australia.

    People are more friendly and less discriminative.

    What more could you say - plenty actually

  • 1 decade ago

    It always amazes me that it's residents manage to stay awake in the most boreing city in the world .

    The highlight of Canberra is the road out of town .

    It is even too boreing for Jonny Howard to live there !!!

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    It is only capital not on the coast line

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its full of ass-holes

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