Man's attitude toward women?

What if, a thousand years ago, man had looked at women as a partner instead of a possession, what would the world look like today? Yes, all you chauvinists out there, get it out of your system then pick your knucles up off the floor.


What could my gender possibly have to do with the answers? I was hoping for a little more respose in the political, business and religon areas.

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    1 decade ago
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    This question is from a guy?!?

  • kirgan
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    3 years ago

    relies upon at using Chauvinistic in connection with Nationalism or sexism.There are distinctive meanings. i understand what you're touching on is an argument of disrespect. Or looking down upon, or having a solid strategies-set in the direction of women. frequently, those days, human beings think of of chauvinistic interior the 60's experience. What I hear in specific track would not have as plenty to do with chauvinism or sexism yet violence against yet another and making somebody subservient. the unique words meant extra of timeless nationalism attributed to a Nicholas Chauvin.

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    Sam's Prophecy To Man :

    Man started to have idle time when he rose from his knuckles and began to farm becoming less nomadic. He started to think, that's when all trouble commenced. Women still had to do everything in and out of the house in addition to having children. More time for the guy, who started to conceive ways of maintaning the 'staus quo'. Religion/beliefs came to mind so he set up rituals, laws, conditions for him to keep a woman in her place and he at the front. He thought again, more trouble. Fighting, wars erupted because all people didn't agree with his thinking. Computers came into being, Men began to think less relishing instead on their technology. Soon mobility became redundant - their knuckles dangled over the couch and to the floor, their eyes glazed lifelessly. Paying no heed to their woman's advice ("go and do something") they became listless, useless, succumbing to a vegetative and mindless state. The women moved in administering emergency measures and Man became part of a new world where his "manliness" was milked like dairy cows on an assembly line. Wars ceased, religion disappeared and Peace reigned. Delusioned in his importance, He became a God - but not in the way he thought.

    "Woe" to the Man who pays no heed to Woman! (quote from We-sah-kay-chak Revelations)

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    Women wouldnt be subjected to .73 for each dollar a man makes. Maybe a little less objectifying, and a lot more respect?

    What if thousands of years ago, woman was the agressor, if man was the possesion?

    It makes a thought!

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    I love this question but I think I want to here a man response.

    But have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? "Man is the head but women is the neck , and we can move the head any way we want". It reminds me of that

  • VW
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    1 decade ago

    Well biblically, the woman was created as a partner and helper. The new testament asks the husband to love his wife as Christ loves His church and for the woman to be submissive to her husband. That doesn't mean he pushes her around. That means she respects his decisions and is supportive of him. At the same time as I already stated, the husband is to love and honor his wife.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Women wouldn't be sex symbols or under class ( if you know what I mean) They would have a higher place here in society.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The world would be even more screwed up then it already is.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What's your gender? then I'll answer.

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