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I want to organise b'day party for daughter in a very cute manner as she's gonna be 2 yr old.but how?

This is the first time i wud be organising a b'day party in my life....fort her first b'day i cud'nt organise as the way i this time i made sure it wud me completly my idea.......let me know how to organise from tieing baloons,ribbons to cakes& even more...tell me how do i go all abt it b'day is in march

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    At 2 years old, she should by this point in her life, express her like and dislike of certain colors. Let her pick out the balloon colors and then just have the local store blow them up for you.

    As far as a unique and kid-friendly idea... instead of cake, make cupcakes. Top them with a basic vanilla icing and nothing more. Then set out little cups of toppings such as chocolate sprinkles, colored sprinkles, little star sprinkles, colored sugar, etc.

    Let the kids decorate their very own cupcakes. I guarantee you they will have a blast! It's something that allows them to be creative by giving them a hands-on activity as well as being perfectly suitable for both boys and girls!

    Honestly, with kids that young, that's about as much "planning" that needs to be done. The rest of the time will be spent playing together. Children that age have a long enough attention span to decorate their own cupcakes and enjoy eating them, but anything past that length of time is asking far too much out of them.

    Let them decorate and eat their cupcakes and then sit back and chat with the other parents while the kiddos have fun playing like children do.

    Just keep in mind that as much as you'd LOVE to have this all out birthday bash... she's 2, and it's a safe bet that she won't remember it when she gets older. So don't throw away your money on planning some huge bash. Keep it simple and keep it fun. Save your money on some event planner for when she gets to the milestones such as 13 (becomes a teenager) or 16 (sweet 16)... but for this birthday, there really isn't a point in spending a lot of money.

    I hope she has a wonderful and fun filled birthday!

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    Have a Wiggles theme party! They're the hottest act anywhere right now. Have all the attendees dress up in their favorite color from the show (purple, yellow, green, etc.), have Wiggles music on or DVDs from the show playing, and learn some of the songs so that you can "lead" the guests (including parents) in a sing-and-dance-along. For a snack that could double as table decoration, serve bowls of "wiggly" Jell-O squares (at this age, things that they can easily put into their mouths without choking is good).

    For balloons, go for all the colors of the rainbow - helium with curly ribbon at the ends- and cover your entire ceiling with them. The curly ribbon will hang down over your guests like streamers, and be high enough so that the children can't grab them.

    Ice cream cakes are good two-in-one timesavers, and some places can even "screen" an image onto your cake, so you can have a cake with the Wiggles, her cute little face, or whatever she likes. I was thinking that it would be cute to have the children decorate their own cupcakes as someone suggested, but I have a 2-year old niece, and she'd be more likely to decorate her hair and face instead (LOL). Some parents may not embrace the idea.

    But if you do go that route - or decide to make the cupcakes yourself - make ice cream cone cupcakes (bake the cupcakes inside of ice cream cones - there are recipes online for this). My mother did this when I was a child, and I'm in my thirties now and still remember them as if it were yesterday.

    Oh, and I'd skip on the games, since I've never known a toddler (even when I was one) who understood the concept of losing. You're going to have crying kids all over the place. With goody bags, everyone wins ;o)

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    Pick a theme, any theme. Then pick a color.

    So,we will pretend you picked princess theme, and the color pink.

    Now, you do everything in that color and that theme, according to your budget, and skill level. Check the local craft, discount, and party stores to see what they have available, before you start spending money.

    Find pink curly ribbon for the balloons, rent a helium canister, and fill the balloons. Tie them off, and tie a bow next to the balloon, and leave a long string to tie to something else. Or, go to the local party store, or to the local bargain store. Buy the balloon, and they fill it for free. At the local bargain store, it is a buck to buy one. You'll be wanting one with a picture of a princess.

    The party store, or your local craft store will have coordinated invitations, plates, cups, thank you notes, even table cloths.

    Contact the local bakery, or do it yourself for the cake. They can print a princess design, , design one by hand, or even make a princess glass slipper for the top, depending on where you go, and how much money you have to spend. Check out sites like Martha Stewart, for cake ideas if you are doing your own. Check out the local cake decorating or craft store for ideas, custom bake pans, and decorating kits.

    Buy presents that fit the theme, and wrap in the chosen color and theme. Tell the guests what the color and theme is, but they may not want to go along. A good hint is when they get the the invitation with a princess on it.

    Make the invite say what you are doing. "Pricess Cinderella and Price charming invite you to the birthday party they are giving for Janey on her 2nd birthday."

    Cute idea is to buy some cheap tiarras for the guests, maybe some cheap boas, so every one can dress like a princess.

    You can do this with any theme you choose. Teddy bears and blue. Barney and his own color of purple. Big Bird and yellow.

    Hope this helps. Happy birthday to your 2 year old!

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    A friend of mine had a simple tea party for her 2-year-old granddaughter, and it was a lot of fun for the little girls who got to dress up in fancy dresses and hats, sit around a tiny table and eat little cakes and cookies.

    There were only about 5 kids there, so it was a pretty calm event. Party favors were simple little girly things like play jewelry, tiny purses, kid's books. Pastel napkins and tablecloth (plastic), a few balloons and a flowery centerpiece sets the 'big girl' mood.

    Keep it simple, sit back and watch the kids have fun! At age two, a couple of hours at most is about all the partying they can stand without getting wound up!

    Maybe try a search on Google or with the keywords "Plans for little girl tea party" for tips.

    Good luck!


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    first of all relax. plan and make the best out of the party by keeping it simple.

    Do the following:

    1. prepare guest list,make small cartoon invitations of your child's scribblings ,send invitation a week in advance

    2. buy return gifts accordingly,cater for some extra gifts for siblings .

    3. keep a simple party theme

    4. arrange familiar "peppy" music

    5. arrange for group games,children will perform better in groups

    6. keep attar active game prizes - - avoid sweets and chocolates

    7. indulge kids with their favourite food

    8. cater for "finger food"

    9. buy sturdy paper plates ,and glasses- avoid thermocol,children tend to chew them

    10. keep dust bins around dinning &eating area

    11. decorate with lots of balloons. use vacuum cleaner to fill them

    12. look after the b'day baby,do feed the baby a small meal before the guests come in

    13. keep water within reach.

    14. delegate duties to family & friends avoid being a super mom

    15. smile through the party ,click snaps ,make movie ,but let that not be the guiding factor .

    16.avoid khoi bag &confetti put a thankyou tag on each return gift.

    18. go ahead enjoy

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    As you have got the sweetest and the best gift from the almighty , a Daughter you should give her the best and the most memorable gift of her life . First of all you call lots and lots of people . You call for a party and it should be a theme party.Like pirates, harry potter characters , witches and all . You should bring a huge birthday cake and it should be the shape of the first letter of her name and don't forget the gift . Give her something incredible and ofcouse don't forget the decorations, music, invitation and most important preserve all these things and later as she grows up make sure you make her feel how much you love her as a daughter.i am sure the party will be awesome and please do not forget to write and tell me how the party was.

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    1 pick a theme

    2 pick a color

    3 you can go online and search for ideas for your themed party like "my little pony party ideas" shop ahead look for party decorations and all other needed items in desired color or theme

    4 decide how many children to invite

    5 make or buy the decorations a week or so in advance that way you dont go nuts if you forget something

    6 big lots or dollar tree are the best places to go for that stuff her in arkansas so find something like those stores a dollar store or walmart

    7 remember that you dont have to get everything in that theme that is why you pick a color too.. for example my daughters bday is in march and she is having a frog party.. i'm getting her a frog pinata and the rest of the stuff like plates and decorations is going to be green

    8 think of simple games they can play or just have the party in a park like i do because then all you have to do is watch them with the camera ready

    9 and most of all have fun love her and take lots of pictures so she can look at them with her babies later like i do with my daughter

    and here is a source i just found when searching for my soon to be 4 year olds party

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    Teddy-bears Picnic!!!

    all kids can bring their teddy or other favourite toy, make party hats for teddies from yoghurt pots covered in wrapping paper.

    keep food simple - finger food, little sandwiches, cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, chop up fruit so little fingers can pick it up easily

    a few crisps (chips) and cookies, but not too many - you dont want a bunch of hyper children!!

    make a teddybear shape cake (bake a rectangle and then cut the shape from that)

    simple games, and dont invite too many other kids - your daughter will be overwhelmed

    relax and let the party go as it will, dont worry so much that it has to be "perfect". enjoy the day with your daughter

    and no need to spend lots of money

    balloons - get lots in all colours, tie in simple bunches and have a few around for the kids to play with - let each kid take one home with him or her too..

    Source(s): did this for my baby bro - and everyone loved it!
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    I dont know where do u leave. But i can tell u that now a days there r organizers who arrange 4 the parties. U can simply give them them the theme for eg: if ur daughter likes pink colour and a doll or teddybear then u can tell the organizer to do it & he will arrange 4 u. U can even giv them ur budget & accourdingly they will arrange.

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    Well , get her her favourite character cake and decorate the house with a lots of balloons in all over the house. and invite all your family, relatives, friends over. And also get her favourite toy as a gift, you can play her favourite games believe me kids loves everything their favourite. She'll be so happy to see everything is her favourite.

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