funny or not?

three blondes and a brunette are in a boat and the boat tips over.

they go flying down the river until they get to a tree branch that they can hold on to.

the tree branch can only hold three people ,however, so one person has to let go.

the brunette decides she will be the one to let go but before she lets go she gives a speech.

she talks about her family and friends and says how much she loves them and how much she will miss them.

when she is done the blondes clap.


there is a blonde and a brunette in a boat and it tips over.

the blonde swims to one side and the brunette to the other side.

the brunette and the blonde goes looking for food on their side.

the brunnette find food and yells to the blonde, "come over here. theres food on the other side"

the blonde yells back to her and says, "duh i am on the other side"

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    There ar a blonde and a brunette in a boat and it tips over.

    The blonde wears a life jacket and swims across the river.

    The brunette doesn't wear anything and jumps... she struggles a lot but finally reaches to the other side.

    Now, the blonde has proved that she is intelligent since she used the jacket... yet the people in their village say that the brunette is more intelligent. Why???

    Since the brunette gets good marks in her exams.

    Hope you liked the PJ.

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    A blondes car breaks down so she takes it to the mechanic,

    after 5 minutes the mechanic turns the key and it fires right up!

    The blond says "hey what was the problem?!?"

    The mechanic says "eh Just crap in the carburetor"

    So the blond says " Oh, How often am i supposed to do that??"

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    I didnt find them wasn't nothing to do with the blondes and Brunnettes i just didnt find it funny sorry :-)

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    It never ends with the blondes! lmao

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    That is funy tel more 2 me e_mail me at

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    oh another some jokes good lol

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    Why are blonde's stupid?

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    thats was funny

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