German Politicians?

Just read where Germany is consisting a smoking ban in cars.

My question is three parts to this.

Have the German politicians gotten as stupid as the American Politicians?

Or. has Germany been taken over by a bunch of Southern Baptist Church biddies?

Or has Germany figured out a way to kill off half it's population by making it look like traffic accidents.?

It seems to me a bunch of drivers in the middle of a traffic jam experiencing road rage and on top of that in the middle of a nicotine fit, that is exactly what you don't want unless you want to kill off half your population and make it look like accidents?

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  • D.F
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    1 decade ago
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    1) It's very difficult to grade stupidity in politicians as they are all stupid (allegedly.) So I guess the answer is they always were.

    2) Luckily no.

    3) I think Germany (and most other countries plagued with the car) has figured out a way to make even more money out of the motorist. I'm guessing the penalty is a fine.

    Yes folks it's just another one of those crazy, practically unenforceable laws that appears to be the way of things nowadays.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, if the driver is alone in their car, then they should be able to smoke and kill themselves...However if there are other people, than they should ban smoking when there are people around you....

    1).American politicians are not stupid, they just have a lot of free time, so they pass laws...They banned smoking in public places (for good reason) and in Houses, not in cars (or at least not yet)So maybe Germans want to appeal to voters by being tough on smoking

    2).Maybe, I'm not familiar with the leading religion there

    3).I don't get this part...I would think that cars release fumes, and that if you smoke then you have fire + fumes=death...But I'm not really sure...

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