My computer will not install programs from a CD-Rom.?

I have a new computer. It will play DVDs, but when I try to install a new program from a CD-Rom, the computer doesn't do anything. It should auto install. Then when I look in MY computer, it says E:DVD. When I click it open, it doesn't show anything that is on the disk.


Thanks for your answers so far. I have tried the START>RUN>BROWSE, but no files show up when I click on the E:DVD. Also, this happens with all CD-Roms that I put in the computer. I only have one CD/DVD drive. I will try the other suggestions. Thanks. keep 'em coming.

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    1 decade ago
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    You can make sure auto run is set as default in the registry by

    Click Start, then Click Run

    Type regedit

    Click OK

    Click >






    Double click "Autorun" the value should be set to 1

    You can also get the cd to install by

    Start>Run>Browse: look the the cd device that the cd is located in then open the cd and choose all files then look for setup.exe. You should then be able to install the program

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    4 years ago

    The abode windows CD in basic terms includes the working device, comparable as your XP subject. alongside with hassle-free experience's innovations, additionally attempt doing a scourge test in secure Mode. there could be malware interfering which incorporate your classes. in case you could not do the test or enter secure Mode genuine, this is in many cases data of a foul virus.

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    its either the CD is scratched or damaged OR the CD Drive is busted. I suggest to buy a new DVD burner, they're cheap these days.....check

  • 1 decade ago

    Click on MY COMPUTER

    Click on your DVD drive


    Click on AUTORUN

    Select the appropriate action for each

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