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Bruce Lee the martial artist?

I am a big Bruce Lee fan, who thinks that he and his son were murdered?

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    Bruce Lee the martial artist?

    this is not a question

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    It's hard to say if he was the greatest of all time, but he did a lot when he was alive. He created a style that was a non-conformist style. He took parts from many different arts and combined them together to make a hybrid style. He also made a break through in the movie industry. He didn't find companies to produce his movies, so he started one up. He broke the stereotype about Chinese people being inferior and frail. Giving them an identity that couldn't be held back by the Japanese. He also was one of the first Chinese to co-star in a TV series. In China he was considered the star of the same show. So, Bruce Lee did more than just create a new martial art style, he also broke down some racial barriers. But, being the greatest of all times? I don't know. Chuck Norris has had quite an impact also. It's hard to compare them when one is dead.

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    First, sorry first the first person who can't read.

    I've actually studying/ read everything I could get my hands on about the Lee family for 20 years. My Martial Art teacher was classmate under Dan Inosanto with Brandon Lee.

    No, neither were murdered. I firmly believe this. One was, if you ask a few, was a side affect of a few bad lifestyle choices causing the allergic reaction. The 2nd a weird circumstance that led to the malfunction. Neither of these men had any threating affect on the world that warrented their murder, despite the protrayal in Dragon, the Bruce Lee story.

    Now, if you asked me if I think that the family is cursed or born under and unlucky star- yeah, there is something next-level that has plagued the family for 5 generations.

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    I am a big Bruce Lee fan, who thinks that he is tired of hearing stupid questions asked about him?

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    No but when I went a medium who was able to speak to the dead, Bruce and Bandon showed up during the reading. They stated that their deaths were an accident but they confirmed that they were cursed in that lifetime. Something about a time when they rode with the HUNs in a former life. But they are together in Heaven and they hang out with Steve McQueen and the Captain Guy from the Dirty Dozen.

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    idont.but i believe people like you are murdering bruce lee on answers with your never ending stupid questions.

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    i heard Bruce died of a brain hemorage he also had hash in his system which he might have been allergic to, of course this is just what i have heard. its weird that the charater in game of death plays an actor who dies becuase of a prop gun accident the same way Brandon died,thats shady.

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    Both deaths were highly suspicious. I think the odd of father & son dying under such strange circumstances are remote. I think you are right.

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    Good question: i've thought of it before, especially comes to Brandon's death.

    brian B 's answer looks good. 5 generation curse!? that's something i've yet to hear of...maybe 3 generations...but that gets to the superstitious side of it...

    my answer is : i don't know.

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    I know for a fact what happened to them.

    They played a game and lost.

    Thier pathetic use of illegal substances and failure to appreciate thier own lives made them confront thier own inner demons and they failed....


    This is the last face they saw before they themselves and thier will to survive was tested, and they failed.

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