May I have your definition of Compassion?

I was privileged to see the Dalai Lama once a few years back here in Santa Cruz. Now that I'm leaving this space, I want to remember what it has given me. And I remember that His Holiness's theme was Compassion. And he enlarged my definition of it forever.

What's yours?

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    Compassion is a cognizant recognition of another's pain. Sometimes this can result in a 'reaching out' to the other person either verbally, physically, or both with kindness.

    I have noticed that one's life experiences impact the level of compassion that one imparts, and that compassion, like friendship and tolerance, can spread when allowed to be expressed. Those who have been shown compassion, generally speaking, are often those most willing to show true compassion to others.

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    Real compassion relates to the soul within the body, not to the body which is the outer covering of the soul. Real compassion is to show a person the way out of the cycle of repeated birth and death.

    Source(s): Bhagavata Dharma
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    My belief system of compassion is simple.

    1. when some one is sad or unhappy ~ try to feel & understand what they are feeling.

    2. when some one is happy ~ feel their happiness as though the happines is shared between you both.

    3. Compassion is putting yourself in another persons position.

    Try to always remember though that you can not truly understand anothers situation until you have walked in their shoes, so to speak

    4. Compassion is understanding to the best of your abilities what the other person is going through.

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    Compassion goes beyond feeling, to the point of empathy; a deep emotional understanding of another's feelings or problems, coupled with affection and solace.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Real compassion is about actions and not so much about words. If you want words I would start with Guru's words but in the end words aren't enough.

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    I can give 2 definitions. Pick the one as you feel.

    1. A deep awareness of and sympathy for another's suffering

    2. The humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it

  • 1 decade ago

    Compassion is being able to walk a mile in another person's shoes and feel their pain, joy and suffering.

  • 1 decade ago

    Compassion , to me is Like a mountain...even though the journey is difficult the reward is everlasting.

    Source(s): forever.
  • 1 decade ago

    If a person is able to EXPERIENCE others around as part of themselves (not just thinking, planning, visualising, imagining, or hallucinating about it !), then it is compassion indeed !

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    1 decade ago

    Empathy and kindness...but first one's eyes must be open to see the need.

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