Using the image of Mother Earth, what age is the human race?

I'm beginning to think we are rather troublesome young adults who really ought to leave the nest and go seek their fortunes, and let Mama have a little rest. She'll take care of the old folks if you just give her a break.

What do you think? How old is the Human Race in this metaphor?

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    If Earth is our physical Mother, perhaps our physical Father is Sol, the great thermonuclear provider. Sure, he seems to have other wives or at least concubines (some "very hot" and others the proverbial "ice witches"), but he is older than Mom and will provide for his children for eons to come.

    As a species, I am afraid to hazard a guess as to our relative age. I tend toward "childhood's end". Surely no adult (even with the excuses of adolescence) is as arrogant and uneducated as Humans are.

    We are spoiled. We act without regards to consequences, waste the resources given to us, litter our nest, trash our toys, torture our pets, play poorly with others and even design and manufacture unbelievable toxins (and I do not mean flatulence). We generally act in a most selfish manner. As spiritual beings we are, as yet, not just underdeveloped but undeveloped and without discipline.

    Before we can leave the nest, we need to at least clean our rooms, properly take out the trash and perhaps show that we have learned some responsibility by feeding everyone and then doing the dishes and the laundry for the entire family.

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    What an interesting question, Aunt B. I think the Human Race as a physical species is quite young and still prone to the foibles quite often associated with youth, but I'd like to believe that our Spiritual Aspects deserve more time to interact with Gaia, not to mention the other denizens we share with her. I don't believe our collective 'destiny', in a manner of speaking, has been fulfilled yet, nor have we fully evolved into the cognizent co-creators with the Universe we were meant to be. I personally am quite enjoying my soujourn here, although visiting other 'nests' would be intriguing, especially knowing I would have this beautiful planet to come home to.

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    Contrary to what Aslan says, The human race in your example specifically says young adults. I don't see how that can be interpreted any differently.

    However, in "real" time, the human race is barely above the embryo stage, when compared to the existence of the earth itself.

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    that is freaking hilarious, i let my sister read this and she laughed not the mad scientist's laugh, just normal laugh, well, i have to admit I also did laugh..... a 5 year old boy asked her mother, "why do you have some white hair mom?" his mom thought for a moment and said "every time you do something bad a strand of my hair become white." the boy give her mom a curious look and finally asked "what about grandma's hair?". I know this is an old joke but it still made me laugh,

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    Daughter of Eve, your race is much older than you can imagine. Your kind walked this land when ideas were new. You shall remain until the last thought arrives. That horizon is long from this point.

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    On the 6th day....... till the moment you are reading my answer...


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