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Bruce Lee the martial artist?

Who considers Bruce Lee to be one of the greatest martial artists of all time? Please explain with details.

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    bruce lee was an amazing martial artist, among one of the great innovators of modern times. he realized the true nature of the martial arts is combat and to be successful in combat when facing any opponent you have to know how to adapt. and adaptation is the very essense of his system. he realized that to be a complete fighter you had to look at each range of attack and intergrate the art that best worked in that range, ex. striking range, boxing is considered the best striking range art, trapping-wing chun, and so on..

    add his celebrity as an actor and you have a great podium to promote your style and martial arts in general.. no one did that better than bruce lee, his charismatic nature and logical philosophies made him the poster child for modern day mixed martial arts..

    he brought the martial arts to mainstream america, and for that i personally am truely greatful..


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    It's hard to say if he was the greatest of all time, but he did a lot when he was alive.

    He created a style that was a non-conformist style. He took parts from many different arts and combined them together to make a hybrid style.

    He also made a break through in the movie industry. He didn't find companies to produce his movies, so he started one up. He broke the stereotype about Chinese people being inferior and frail. Giving them an identity that couldn't be held back by the Japanese.

    He also was one of the first Chinese to co-star in a TV series. In China he was considered the star of the same show.

    So, Bruce Lee did more than just create a new martial art style, he also broke down some racial barriers. But, being the greatest of all times? I don't know. Chuck Norris has had quite an impact also. It's hard to compare them when one is dead.

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    Bruce Lee was the greatest martial artist of HIS time.

    He was always evolving...if he was still alive today, he'd still be evolving.

    Just like his students (now teachers), like Guro Dan Inosanto.

    As far as the "greatest martial artist of all time", that would be a personal choice for anyone that answers. But no one is right or wrong. As well as no one is the "greatest" of all time...because martial art is always evolving.

    Not one style has the "truth". Not one style is the "gospel". Bruce was trying to open our eyes to that as well as others who had the same philosophy as he did.

    Source(s): R.I.P. Bruce and Brandon Lee We truly miss you both.
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    bruce lee added some good training concepts to the martial arts (the idea of training full contact strikes to the head was not very common back in his time) but his actual skill level is indeed highly questionable.

    The real answer is: no one really knows. There are accounts of him both good and bad (I won't post the bad accounts because it will seem like I am just trying to slam him, which is not at all what I'm trying to do here. although if you want them- I will send you the links). Both of these accounts can be seen as attempts to capitalize on his reputation and image by showing him in one light or another.

    Truth is that we have more chance of finally debunking the bible than we do of finding bruce lee's skill level as bruce lee's remains are not fossilized and there are no "hidden fight tapes" or fight records, nor are they going to be preserved with time- they will deteriorate so as the years pass, and more people die, there will be even less left to go on.

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    I think he was an excellent martial artist and very innovative for his time, but to say he was the best ever is a bit much. He's definitely one of the most famous though. The most famous is probably Jackie Chan, Bruce is probably 2nd most famous.

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    I'd like to say that he was in fact quite a good fighter. He combined many martial arts together. I was watching a documentary about his life and Linda Lee his ex-wife was saying that he was challenged by a Kung-fu master. The master was upset that Lee was teaching the art to white students and so they met on a roof top to have it out. The agreement was if the master won lee was to stop teaching, if lee won he could go on teaching. Bruce won the match.

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    I consider him one of the most influential martial artists of all time.

    He helped break down the barrier for non-Asians with training. Considering the era he did this, it is a huge accomplishment.

    Source(s): 14yrs training
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    of course he was,he had a big part in the evolution of modern day martial arts.if you want more details than that try reading books.

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    not at all as a matter of fact he was a good noise maker and fine very beautiful and know how to use his charisma to allure all also he know facial expression to make you fear him from the jump you know! now i love him very much and adore and he is one of my favorite kungfu artist but never is he the best now i tell you this he is the best actor dealing with stunts and bodily expression ever!

    the best not at all the best at at acting almost!

    now JET LI is the best by far to me! check him out that boy scare me and i consider me to be bad! lol

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    no way........... he is not the best marcial artist of all times!!!!!!!! the best one is Bill ryusaky

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