What animal is a good pet for a 4 year old.?

Currently we have a Teacup chiuahua and I am about to get rid of him. When I got him I really wasnt informed on the breed and how hyper. My dog does back flips and is always barking. Im in the potty trainiing stage and he uses a litter box most of the time but I am absolutly tired of cleaning up poop. Oh yeah I forgot to mention im in a apartment. I think I am gonna wait to get another Dog and I guarantee it wont be another Chiuhaua...


ok people I am getting a lot of negative comments. stick to my question...what pet should i get.. forget about my dog its not about him. right now the dog thing is not working out so i am going to give him to someone who is better suited for the whole hyper dog thing. I did not say I was putting him to sleep WTF...thank you

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    Good idea on waiting on a dog for a while usually a good age for a child to help take care of a dog is around seven and when you do get another dog do lots of research. It is best to give the dog to someone better suited. Anyway your question, you have several options. Of course there are always fish everything from a single beta in a bowl to a tank full of many. My two year old loves to watch our beta swim around not much interaction though. Birds or hamsters are also lower maintenance, but your preschooler can help feed and clean the cage. There is also a possibility of a cat which are usually easier to care for than a dog and a child can help feed, and play with the cat. I know lots of people who choose a cat over a dog with small kids because it is easier. If you do decide on a cat go to the shelter and adopt one. Take our child with you to help choose the new family member. A cat will help your child to respect animals to be "gentle" and also learn responsibility at an early age. Do a bit of research or go to your local petsmart or petco and check out some magazines or books. It's also fun to look at all the different animals there. Good luck.

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    Firstly, the pet must not be FOR the 4 year old child. There's no way a 4 year old child will understand all the responsibilities of a pet owner. If you want to get a pet, get it for the family, and knowing that YOU yourself will have to take full responsibility over it.

    Since you live in an apartment, you can forget keeping large dogs. So, out goes the lab or retreivers. If you are thinking of a dog, get one that is medium or small in size. Since you have a 4 year old, you need one that goes well with children. Beagles make good examples. A cat will also be a good candidate. Try searching around in your local animal shelter, you might find one that's suitable, plus you get to save a life.

    No matter what you choose, you have to know that a living, breathing creature will definitely answer to nature's call. Everyday. If you're tired of cleaning poop from a small dog, imagine doing it for a larger dog. You have to be responsible for it, just the same as having a child. Plus, dogs such as the beagle will definitely need its daily exercise. Otherwise, it will get hyper too.

    Have you even thought about having your chihuahua trained? Or maybe get the advise of a dog behaviour specialist? Most of the time, annoying animal behaviour can be easily overcome, for example by changing the way you treat it. Try seeking advice before you decide to get "rid" of your dog.

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    A four year old?

    A stuffed one.

    Honestly, when you're choosing a pet for your child, you need to be fully aware that you'll be the sole caregiver of that pet and it's your total responsibilty when the child doesn't feel like feeding or playing with the pet, and it would be your fault if it was neglected.

    I would suggest fish, but not if you're going to stick it in a bowl and never clean it or give it any gravel or caves or anything. If you're going to get a small fish or two, or more, get a nice big tank (10 gallon or larger) with a good filter that you're willing to change when needed, get some good gravel, some hiding caves, plants, etc. Then you can at least teach your child to feed it in proper amounts regularly. Some children are very good with taking responsibility for pets, but generally, they won't care for it. It'll be fun for a week and then it'll be boring and you'll be the one caring for the poor animal.

    I think your question details warranted some of the comments you got. The fact that you took the time to explain the situation where you got a dog and are now giving hum up because you don't like cleaning up after him, you're the one who brought this topic up.

    Regardless, good luck in finding a suitable pet.

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    I would say why does your 4 year old need a pet? You already have a pet you don't want. I'd say wait until the child is about 7 or 8 and let them tell you what they want. Next time around when you bring something else home you do the research make sure the pet is right for you. There are enough unwanted pets at the shelter. Ultimately you have to remember that more than likely you'll be the one cleaning up after whatever it is, EVERYTHING POOPS!

    Poor chihuahua, I think they are the best dogs out there, how unfortunate for yours not to be wanted. I have one myself she hates kids (which is a common chihuahua quirk), but that's okay b/c I've decided not to have any...way before I got her.

    Anyways I think you should refain from any pets for now (your in an apartment anyways), and give someone else a chance to love your chihuahua....

    Source(s): Experience with pets; I work in the pet industry...doggy daycare consultant
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    If you get a dog you will have to clean up poop.

    If you go to the animal shelter, you might find a nice calm cat that can relate to your child. Cats poop too, but they are pretty reliable about using the litter box.

    Before you get any pet, get informed about it first. They all require some work. They all poop.

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    You shouldn't get something so small and frail for a 4 year old since children can hurt and them and all and in my opinion I think a 4 year old may be to young for a pet unless they have constant supervision from an adult. But if you really want to get your child a pet I think a Guinea pig can be a good pet. They are small,fairly easy to care for,and they have a good temperament. I have one and my little brother and cousins love him. But be sure to ALWAYS keep an eye on your kid when he's around the pet. A child should always be under parent supervision when handling an animal. Be sure to do some extra research on Guinea pigs and other pets you might be considering so you know what your going to be facing. Good luck!

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    Sorry about the previous answers. People can be very sarcastic. If you want an animal that is durable, miminal shedding, loving and friendly, get a Labradoodle (Labrador X Poodle). They are good natured and wonderful with children. Not to mention hearty! The great thing is right now the kids and the puppy will keep themselves occupied (lots of energy to spend). Good luck!

    Source(s): Vet Tech - 6 yrs.
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    I would start with fish. One way to help teach the child responsability and understanding maitnance etc. Then I would move on with a puppy etc. But if you want a dog right out of the gate. I would get a lab. They seem to tollerate children much easily and are quite a good babysitter and protector of their families.

    Good Luck!

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    i'm not a cat person, but cats are soft, like to play, but are not too hyper. your 4 year old wont want to stare at a fish, and will want to pet and play with your pet, and won't want to be knocked down by something overly hyper. cats are durable and cute and easy to raise. my suggestion if you don't want a cat for 15+ years, and a kitten is too frail for your 4 year old, is to adopt a friendly full grown cat from a shelter with a few years on it. your four year old gets a fun, durable, safe, unobnoxious pet, it's not a 15 year commitment, and the cat gets a home for the last half of its life. everyone wins?

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    i don't believe this..you are not responsible yourselve by getting rid of the chihuahua because it poop....how are u going to teach a 4 year old the responsibility as a pet owner? or are u going to tell him that this pet that you give him can be abandon when you get bored of it?

    so..you are taking a pet..a life..a companion as somekind of gifts like handphone and MP3 player which can be put aside when it is spoil???

    owning a pet is a lifetime responsibility...it's like a child..a baby....

    you don't get it when you think you want it..or when you got bored of it..you can just dispose it....

    i am stressing this...don't get that 4 year old a pet like dogs and cats and hamsters....get him a fish////and a fish...or better an elecronic pet....really recomend this...!

    well..it poop in the tank and there's an automatic cleaner....i also recomend fish as a pet for you...try not to get a dog or cat....

    they are not dirt nor are they garbage..that can be get rid of....

    GET A FISH.....

    p/s not only chihuahua poop....any dog or cat would poop...if you don't want to clean poop...then don't get a dog...get an electronic one....

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