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Girl help?, or any one in a teen relationship??

i like this girl for 2 years now, from 7th to 9th. and we would always have fun together. but sometimes i get the feeling shes not interested in me. but i still really like her. and so now its mid semester and one of my friends tolled me he was goin to ask her out. i dont know what to do. im scared to, but id rather get rejected then never ask at i want to know HoW to ask her out,..the point is should i confront her and say "wanna go out?"......thank you for your time.

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    Have you two been friends for 2 years? It sounds like you've enjoyed your time together.

    There's nothing left to do other than try! Just be sure you're asking her out because you want to ask her out, not because you want to get your friend mad.

    How to do it? Slide in beside her at lunch and simple say, "There's this great restaurant I've been wanting to try sometime. Would you like to try it with me? Maybe catch a movie too?"

    Just go casual and don't let the stress get to you. Good luck!

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    Hello...I am not a teen however I would still like to offer some advice. If you tell her how you feel, the most she can do is tell you how she feels about you. It might be something that you want to hear and it might not be, but still just let her know. If she feels the same way as you, just be like, Well I want you to be my girl! If she doesn't feel the same way, let her know whether or not you could remain her friend. The two of you are probably great friends, but she might not know that you are interested in her. Between you and your male friend that said he would ask her out, you should let him know that you like her and are interested in being her boyfriend. Good luck

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    The best thing to do is not to ask her out face to face.. same with breaking up... it can get ugly. I would reccomend texting her for a while then popping up, hey, you wanna hang out some time? If she says, you mean like a date? You can say, yea sure I guess! Don't make a big deal about it, then just talk about something else for a little. If she says no, just say ok whatever, and talk about something else. If you can't text her or something, IM her, call her, or do something like that. Ask to see a movie or hang out in town or something simple like that.

    Don't worry about it and don't make such a big deal about it or you'll end up overemotional

    Good Luck!

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    You do realize most of the guys on this site are gay, right? That said I, myself, thinking back to when I was dating teen-aged girls would have been very hesitant to date a mother, I wasn't ready to settle down and dating such a girl would have forced the issue in advance of being a father if it became serious.

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    Honestly....she probably doesnt like you in that way, if youve been friends for 2 years would know if she was into you, sorry but id suggest you NOT ask her out, this will make her feel awkward

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    Hard situation =/, i'm in a similar one. I find its easier to kinda signal that you like her, and see how she responds. Like be really flirty, and see if she looks at you like you have 4 heads or if she smiles. Also, if you need to ask, say something like "do you want to stay friends? or take it to to the next level"... ask it without asking it.

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    First thank you for being so polite. my opinion is to just go for it u don't want to be that person that never knew what would happen and if she rejects you well just say it's ok if you don't want to but can we still be friends.

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    your best bet is to just be honest. All she can do is say yes or no. She probably feels the same way about you but just don't know how to tell you. Just always be honest with yourself.

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    well your right don't be afraid of rejection. but if your friend new you liked her then he is wrong. if he didn't then you go ask her out and she says yes then your wrong because your friend told u that he liked her first. she might like u. try

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    Talk to her. If you guys are really good friends she'll listen and if she's not interested, she'll tell you. The cool things about friend is they are SUPPOSE to be honest.

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