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Ramen Noodles?

Anyone have a good recipe for the actual ramen noodles. Like, to make the dough that you put through a noodle machine?


Seriously, the ramen you can get at the grocery store is awful and hardly edible. Secondly, I really don't care about the trans fat or whether it is good for me or not. I am active enough that this really isn't a problem.

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    拉面 la mian, means pulled noodle, "ramen"


    6 cups pastry flour

    1 1/2 cups regular enriched flour

    3 1/2 cups water



    Combine the two flours in a large bowl and slowly add water. Mix well

    and knead to a smooth dough. Cover with a wet towel and refrigerate



    The next day, remove from the refrigerator and knead for about ten

    minutes until smooth and elastic.


    Roll the dough into a long cylinder, 2 to 3 inches round.


    Holding on to each end of the dough, raise the dough above your head

    and with a wrist-snapping motion, whack it against the work surface.

    Fold the dough in half after each whack.


    Repeat this process several times, being sure to lightly flour the

    surface to prevent the dough from sticking. This beating action

    relaxes the gluten and continually stretches the dough.


    The dough is now ready for pulling and stretching. Holding both ends

    of the dough, pull and stretch and quickly fold the two ends together.

    Continue the pull-stretch-fold technique each time increasing the

    number of threads, until you end up with many whisker-fine strands of



    The stretched noodles are boiled approximately 3 minutes, and drained

    in preparation for your recipe.”

    Here are more instructions with step by step instructions on how to

    pull them with some photos. Bare in mind it is ‘not’ easy! Even for

    some seasoned chefs so don’t get too worried if things get into a

    tangle! If you do master it, it will be a great party trick to show

    your guests too!

    Here is another source with step by step instructions

    (This is very slow to download, so be patient)

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    If you like ramen noodles you'll absolutely love naeng myon or Korean buckwheat noodles. They are made with buckwheat flour and a little yam starch. You can find many different recipes online for ramen, maengmyon, udon, dan mien, and many other Asian style noodles.

    I love all kinds of noodles!

    The Noodle Shop is a popular meeting place in Asian American communities and Asian countries. It is like an

    American coffee shop where people meet to plan business, gossip, or just enjoy each other's company. Everyone slurps noodles prepared in soups, curries, and many other recipes. I recommend you try one if your city has a Chinatown area.

    Ramen noodles are simply wheat flour noodles made with a little egg so anyone can make them. Sometimes very little corn starch is used. Instant ramen noodles have been deep-fried before they are dried to assist in removing some of the moisture.

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    Antipasto Ramen Salad

    Beef & Broccoli Ramen

    Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry Ramen

    Chicken Hollandaise Ramen

    Chicken Diablo Ramen

    Chicken Oriental Ramen

    Chinese Beef & Pea Pod Ramen

    Chinese Style Ramen

    Chinese Style Ramen w/ Veggies

    Creamy Chicken Ramen w/ Mushrooms

    Creamy Veggies & Ramen

    Hamburger Ramen

    Lo Mien Ramen

    Parmesan Ramen

    Pasta Ramen Salad

    Ramen Noodle Alfredo

    Spaghetti Marinara Ramen

    Spring Ramen Salad

    Summer Ramen Salad

    Taco Ramen Salad

    Tomato Ramen Soup

    Veggie Ramen

    Zucchini Ramen Salad

    3- Bean Ramen Salad

    find all these recipes on this site:

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    Seriously? They're like 100 for a dollar and they already perfected the recipe.

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    Ramen noodles will kill you. Look up "trans fat" and you'lll see a pic of 'em.

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