Have you ever had a UTI - Bladder Infection - Kidney Stone/Infection - OR - Blood in Urine During PG?

I am 29 weeks PG and this morning I freaked out when after using the restroom there was blood in the toilet. I went to L&D (I am extreamly High-Risk) after a Urine sample we realized thats where the blood was coming from. Dr. said she thought it was a Bladder infection of a Kidney Stone. But she gave me NITROFURANTOIN MONO/MAC 100MG CAPS

which says its used to treat UTI's.

Has anyone had Blood in their Urine and what was the cause?

Have you ever had a UTI, Bladder Infection, or Kidney Stone/Infection During PG?

Do you remember what Dr. Perscribed you?

(if it was Nitrofurantoin was it a Yellow & Black Capsule?)

Serious answers please... So if it's a little TMI!


I did have alot of cramping when there was the most blood. But being PG you get cramping... I was more worried about the blood. This is my 1st to term PGcy. Now both cramping and blood have calmed down.

I did go to the Dr. thats why I am just asking for personal exspeiences.

I have had some gallbladder issues during this PG could that be the cause?

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    I did, but I wasn't that early in my pg when I was told I had it. I was actually in the beginnings of labor when they told me, I was in so much pain, they said that the kidney stone(s) was the cause. I didn't believe them, I thought it was the labor, until the next morning when the stones(it can sometimes just be really small stones, like sand..) passed, they actually (and this doesn't sound to pleasant) scratched the walls inside my urethra? is that how you spell it? and made me bleed, which was kinda horrifying. The doctor didn't perscribe me andything at the time but pain killers, but i've heard there is a pill that will break down a kidney stone, i'm sure you can ask a doctor about that. Hope this helped you out :) As for the drugs your doctor is making you take, i'm sure he's making you take it for a reason, that's why he has his diploma, and is getting paid as much as he does. If you have any quams about it just asks, it's what they are there for!

    Source(s): Kidney stones are from different salts in your urine, most people would get them from having to much vitamin D (ex. Milk) I mostly got the info from the doc at the hospital, but here's is a page where you can check it all out :) http://www.medicinenet.com/kidney_stone/article.ht...
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    Source(s): Kidney Health Restoration Program : http://KidneyHeal.trustdd.com/?MlhY
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    If you do not trust you doctor, find a new one. Why on Earth would you trust the adolescent teen who will Wikepedia your question over your obstetrician? Nitrofurantoin will kill your baby at the dose that your doctor prescribed, so stop taking it. (get the point?)

    You get blood in the urine if you have a kidney stone. The concern would not be that you have a bladder infection (UTI), rather something called pyelonephritis, which is a kidney infection. Nitrofurantoin is appropriate during pregnancy, take it along with a lot of water. Also, cranberry and other citrus juices acidify the urine, which makes the environment inhospitable to bacteria. Sorry for the joke above.

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    In the distant past I had various UTIs... bad stuff. I don't think I did during pregnancy. The bloody urine thing is really scary. "Bloody or cloudy urine which indicate the presence of blood cells. If the infection is greater, occurrence of blood in urine can indicate the location of infection. If blood appears at the start of urination and then if urine flow is normal in colour - it indicates infection in the urethra. If blood appears pinkish i.e. totally mixed with urine, then the infection may be in the bladder or above it. If blood appears microscopically, then it could be due to anaemia, or mild infection"

    Personally, I would in the future do a supervised fast/cleanse (after you have gotten through the pregnancy) to make sure this doesn't become recurrent. Read more about this on the American Health & Hygiene sites.

    All the best!


    Certified Comprehensive Coach

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    Yes I have had a UTI during pregnancy and I took and antibiotic but I couldn't tell you now which one it was. That was 17 years ago. They had different drugs back then but it was probably penicillin. The blood comes from the irritation of the kidney or bladder,which is common when you have a UTI. Drink cranberry juice and not the sweetened kind. The sugar just makes it worse if it is a UTI. Bacteria love sugar.

    No the gallbladder won't cause this.

    Trust your Doctor and Good Luck!

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    I've have a bladder infection right now and I'm on medication...I did have blood in my urine the first day (and no it was not my period). The doctor didn't say anything about the blood, said it wasn't something to stress over (it was only that morning that I first realized I had a bladder infection). He prescribed me BACTRIM DS 800-160 tablets for me to take twice a day for 10 days. It's a big white pill with a bitter taste.

    Causes of a bladder infection were: hygiene problems (not cleaning yourself well, not changing pads/underwear often, or cleaning after sex), as well as holding it when you have to go (my problem!).

    Best thing to do too is to drink cranberry juice, lots of water and to eat yogurt.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i have a friend who had blood in her urine due to a really bad UTI. i dont know what they prescribed her. but i'm sure the dr would give you the right medication. if it were a bladder infection or kidney stone, you'd be in alot of pain. i had a kidney infection when i was pregnant, and my back hurt so bad i could barley move. so, dont worry, the dr knows what he's doing

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    i have had 6 kidney stones and the most i have ever goten was pain killers. the pills he gave you are probably in case it is a urineary infection. every time i have had a kidney stone there has been blood in my urin. either way drink water and cranberry juice. the enzymes in cranberry juice will help with both urinary track infections and kidney stones. that's it no sodas or coffee just water or cranberry juice.

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