how long does a building made of concrete last? 100 years?


The reason I ask this question is because my parents bought an old house and the house is built in the late 1920's. The walls in the basement have cracks and some parts fell off. I was wondering how long the building could survive.

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    They can last much , much longer than that. Now a national disaster, like an earthquake , hurricane , or tornado etc, could cause them to last LESS than 100 years OH course !

    Would love to know the reason for the question ..

    Source(s): Lived around many building that are well over a Hundred Years Old , Many are made of cement - concrete .. Some are now considered historical.. I Was Born And Raised A Few Miles From Downtown In A Major City .. Still Here And So Are Many Of The Buildings ..
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    "..The walls in the basement have cracks and some parts fell off.."

    1.) Poor concrete mix [probably]

    2.) water infiltration - rebar expanding [maybe]

    "..I was wondering how long the building could survive.."

    1.) have someone with structural experience check it out.. house could shift or sink causing worse problems...

    Does this help any?

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    Some of your problems could be caused by steel reinforcing rods not being properly treated. Moisture will enter cracks in the concrete and corrode the steel. The corrosion will accually expand breaking out portions of the concrete. I see this happening in buildings built as late as the 70`s.

    Source(s): 15 yrs doors and windows
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    The problems you describe would appear to be due to structural stress or ground shift. That can be fixed with bracing and epoxy injections.

    Properly made concrete continues to harden for about 50 years, life span is certainly in the hundreds. Improperly made concrete (poor materials or poor formulations) would be a different story. The failure is also different, typically shown by powdering or crumbling easily, indicating a loss of hardness.

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    Depends on the climate. But theoretically thousands of years. There are still structures from ancient rome that were built with concrete

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    1,000 years

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